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    Detective David Tapp

    Character » appears in 2 games

    The protagonist of the SAW video game.

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    After being shot in the first SAW film, former detective David Tapp awakens in an abandoned insane asylum and has no choice but to work through a number of Jigsaw's puzzles. Throughout his ordeal, Jigsaw attempts to educate Tapp on the dangers of obsession, pointing out how Tapp's obsession with capturing Jigsaw has ruined Tapp's life. Several characters from Tapp's past are trapped within the asylum as well, some friends and some enemies. Saving them one by one gets Tapp closer to the answers he seeks.

    In addition to people Tapp knows are a large number of strangers, each desperate to get out of the asylum by any means necessary. They each have one objective: get the exit key that has been surgically implanted in Tapp's body!

    Throughout most of his trials, Tapp wears a Shotgun Collar - a metal collar around his neck that is lined with primed shotgun shells. These shells can be triggered due to proximity with other collars that are worn by enemies or by proximity to certain radio frequencies, keeping Tapp away from certain areas.

    David Tapp has a son, Michael Tapp, who becomes the protagonist of Saw II: Flesh & Blood.

    In the SAW film he is portrayed by Danny Glover.

    SAW II: Flesh & Blood

    While not physically appearing in SAW II: Flesh & Blood, Michael Tapp can find a series of audio log diaries left by David Tapp, voiced by the same actor. They speak to David Tapp's estrangement with Michael and the wedge that his obsession with Jigsaw left between him and his son.


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