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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 16, 2011

    Detour is a construction based RTS game where the objective is to safely lead a delivery truck through a battlefield zone.

    dragonbloodthirsty's DETOUR (PC) review

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    Not the best, not the worst

    Detour is a game where the goal is to build roads, build trucks, and get from your end of the map to the other end. It's a simple little RTS with some charm. The basic formula is a good plan, and I would take a look at any sequel published.

    That said, I'd be looking for some major improvements in any sequel. The controls (on PC) are pretty clunky and sometimes unresponsive. I've had to turn my graphics down to min in order to get the game to run respectably, and my computer is aging but not a slouch. There's a fun game-balance decision where your weapons that you blow up the opponent's trucks with take time to work (your missile flies through the air, dynamite takes time to blow up), but when the game's controls don't respond it makes those elements frustrating rather than satisfying. It isn't fun to miss because your dynamite didn't get placed when you told it to.

    The balancing of costs feels a little off too. Roads are super-cheap, and removing enemy roads is expensive. It feels a little too easy to build roads all over the entire map at the very start, and then force your opponents to struggle to tear them down while you cruise to victory.

    I logged a few hours with the game before I decided to write a review, but thus far I'm not greatly impressed. I don't see myself logging many hours with this game in its current state, but I'd look at it again if I happened to see it get patched through Steam. The basic idea is excellent, and there were grand moments of satisfaction when well-placed missiles took out enemy trucks, but the controls and balance really killed the fun for me. I'll tell my friends to steer clear of this one, if I mention it at all.

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