Detroit: Become Human - Demo Impressions

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#1 Posted by glots (4425 posts) -

So besides the whole follow-up thing to the toxic work culture case from yesterday, they also put out a demo of this thing. It features the hostage scene shown at E3 two years ago.

I gave it a whirl two times (to see how the situation would branch with different choices) and it certainly seemed like a Quantic Dream game. Making motions with your controller sticks to pick up/operate objects and walking around a whole bunch, whilst talking to people with different dialogue choices and a time limit to pick your choice.

The voice acting didn’t seem that bad and the scene, despite some of it’s tropes like the angry police commander who doesn’t care for some dang android helping them out, felt interesting enough. The multiple ways in how you could approach the situation were kinda cool, but of course it’s a whole other thing if that actually ends up mattering at all by the end.

It looked pretty nice visually, with Pro providing 4K and HDR. Lots of things going on in a relatively small space.

I skipped on Beyond and watched Until Dawn being played by GBeast, so it has been a while since I played a game like this myself. If the reviews are good, I might pick this up.

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I enjoyed it, although the subject matter of AI civil rights / revolution has been done to death and has little naunce here. (it is a David Cage game afterall) If the recent West World thread is any indication i'm not the only who feels this way. Although i'm always down for some Quantic Dream crazyness. I generally have a good time with their games in spite of the bad plots. (or sometimes because of them) I just dont know if i'm willing to pay full price for another movie game.

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#5 Posted by OurSin_360 (6226 posts) -

@boozak: i think its still fair game for videogames, at least i cant think of many. Mass effect?

I am downloading it and will check it out soon and see for myself.

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@boozak: i think its still fair game for videogames, at least i cant think of many. Mass effect?

I am downloading it and will check it out soon and see for myself.

Fallout 4 also did it (relatively) recently. Around that time there was also a bunch of games with the more general "are AI humans too?" theme like SOMA and that game with where robots had FMV eyes. I think the specific AI civil rights angle has not been completely played out yet, but personally I have become pretty tired of stories about AI and consciousness. It`s one of the reasons Nier Automata fell really flat for me last year.

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I don't think the choices in the demo felt too meaningful, but I enjoyed the "video game"ness to the way they present chance of success and a flowchart during gameplay. I'm planning on playing it, but not until a good price drop.

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#8 Posted by Humanity (19046 posts) -

I dunno I guess I'm in the minority but I actually really enjoyed Heavy Rain, warts and all, and I'm curious to try this one out. It's a shame about the working conditions the people who made this game had to endure. Also I really like all the wacky controller stuff they do. In a world where I lethargically settle into my seat and thumb through dialog with the X button for minutes on end, having to contort my hands around a controller in order to pull off some action sequences is actually a welcome change of pace.

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Did one playthrough the the demo and enjoyed it, seems like a good update to beyond two souls although i found it hard to see and understand some of the analog stick prompts.

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Checkpoint system could be better but other than that, I found myself replaying the demo to fill out the flowchart.

I have played all of the Supermassive titles and every Quantic Dream game except for Omikron. So I will probably pick this up too.

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Seems very cool but I really liked Beyond so clearly I am a crazy person. I hope critics don't savage it too much as I really enjoy playing one of these every few years.

Edit: Did anyone find the text kinda small though? Maybe it was the thin font on a white background but I struggled on the flowchart a bit.

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#12 Posted by FrostyRyan (2925 posts) -

unfortunately the demo for this really won't be telling of how the game is.

Games like this need good writing to be good and none of QD's games have had good writing.

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#13 Posted by Acura_Max (773 posts) -

The game has come out in certain countries. I haven't played the game but I have watched some gameplay footage. From what I see, the writing is a little too on the nose.

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