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I enjoyed this game.

I'm filled with an overwhelming urge to defend this game which I realize is very silly; I think because this game tells a serious story and portrays itself as something important, a work of art rather than a product created for a child's amusement; that many will hold it to a higher standard which it couldn't possibly meet.

Taken for what it is, this is a video game with an above standard story that takes you to an interesting sci-fi future and presents some intriguing scenarios and choices to make on your way to crafting your own personalized version of this story.

The game looks fantastic, the world and characters are almost photo realistic.

The actual game play is mainly world exploration, quicktime events and dialog choices, not very exciting but it is truly the best example of this genre from that perspective.

The addition of a chapter by chapter flowchart mapping out your story and giving the player control to go back and easily alter the story is a great feature, after I finished I went back and played a few of the scenarios multiple times and saw how much each scene could be altered, very cool.

Great experience.

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