$35 on Amazon.

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Like to point out also the cd key given off amazon when you buy it can be activated on steam.

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This is a pretty sweet deal so close to launch. I'm tempted to pick it up by my PC is basically the required minimum, 9600gt instead of 8800...so worse? I started playing it on the 360 via a redbox rental so I think I want to wait until I can find it less on the 360 and finish it there on the first playthrough.

I wish they offered this deal before I started playing it on the 360...don't feel like starting over at this point.

Plus those extra weapons are silly. I want to play stealth and hack and melee so the shotgun and sniper aren't good for that. I'd rather they give me a visual improvement for the melee attacks and a different looking costume for all the sneaking I'm going to be doing...

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