Accidental Murder

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Hey guys, I accidentally punched some guy over a ledge behind him and he fell to his death. As soon as I did it, auto-save kicked in for some reason and I haven't used my manual save for awhile now, I'd hate to redo some parts. Do you think this will count as a lethal kill for me? If it does I might as well just switch over to adaptive and start using my silenced pistol... been wanting to try out the guns in the game. 
I must say though, it was an amazing moment when the punch in the face led to him plummeting backwards to his death alerting about 8 guards below me.

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#2 Posted by Vinny_Says (5914 posts) -

Select previous auto save and it will take you back to the auto save before you killed him. It basically gives you 2 auto-saves.

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#3 Posted by chainreaction01 (219 posts) -

Can you load the second auto save? If you're going for the no kill run then it is better to not take the risk rather than go all the way through and find out that had screwed you over.

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#4 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7812 posts) -

Can't you get to the autosave before that?

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#5 Posted by Tonyyj (154 posts) -

Oh wow, how did I not notice that before.. Haha sorry guys, thanks.

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