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Hi everyone. I plucked down the $$ for this game after talking with the sales guy. I'm at the second "boss" ...the mantis I think, anyway I apparently have unhelpul augs (no stealth or ability to resist electricty) and I have watched several you tube vids about how to kill her but I am not a very "good" player, but I just want to move ahead in the game. It's on an xbox360. I have a sniper rifle, a heavy rifle, a combat rifle, a 10mm gun, shotgun and a peps with 6 ammos, and 1 emp grenade. lol.. she owns me right now but I am sorta pissed off that this boss is so hard to beat even after hours of trying, like 50 or 60 times. It makes sense to me that if you buy the game you should have the option to skip or defeat an enemy so you can keep playing because for me, this game is effectively finished. I have tried and tried but my skills lack. Is there such a thing as a code or hack to skip it in xbox or.... HELP please. Fun game but it's going back in the box and on to ebay if I can't play it.

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Strafe backwards.

Make her hit the conduits.

Shoot in face.



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ok, I have not tried that yet. I do aim for the head...on the rare occassion I see her, lol. Usually it's "OH there she is KABOOM..I'm dead. hahahaha...

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It's probably not the best way to beat her but I started off the fight just dumping into her; then once she goes stealth I started throwing out mines everywhere and just waited for her to walk into them taking shots at her when I could.

It was long and boring but it worked.

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I only have 1 emp grenade .. if there were grenades around to pick up I could "freeze" her and easily kill her but with only 1 she owns me. The mines are useless without grenades.

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I used the stunggun on her. She hardly moved for the enitre fight, just stood there shaking.

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yep... I wish I had a stun gun or anything to freeze her. She runs around freely right now and I cant stop her. gees... strange to set a game up like this so you can end up with such an uphill battle .... all the while knowing that a simple stun gun would turn it into an easy kill.

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I think there are plates on the floor to protect you from the electricity. Though in this case, I made the same mistake to not have electricity resistance so I relied on bullets and grenades. When she starts going after you, run away until her hunting phase ends and she decides to run around the room again. Endure and you will eventually win.

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The best strategy for each boss is to throw as many mines at them as possible. Always save your mines because the bosses become super-easy with them. 
For this boss in particular (since you don't have any mines) I would just dump as much bullets in her as possible. Use that one EMP Grenade wisely. (I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of stuff hidden around the boss room, too)

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OK.. thank you for the comments. Yes, IF I get past this I will aug different and definltely get a stun gun and keep/buy LOTS of EMP grenades. But given my skill level, this is a BIG "if" to get past her. What a joke with my weaponry and augs. Thanks again for your help.

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It has been awhile since I've played DXHR. I do remember that having the Typhoon augment makes the boss fights a breeze, this one especially. During that first charge you can basically nuke her to death with it.

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I would also recommend losing one or two of those guns to make room for health items, grenades and mines. It sucks leaving guns behind but that stuff helps a lot. I pretty much stuck to a combat rifle, 10mm and rocket or grenade launcher for bosses. Not that that'll help with that boss :p

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I used the typhoon ammo and a the Gatling gun to finish her off. I really don't know why you have such a hard time with her as the bosses in this game are a joke. If you don't have the typhoon upgrade then just roll back to an earlier save and invest in that.

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I think the game has a limit for attempts, lol... I started shooting her once and she froze against a wall and I basically went through my collections of weapons and unloaded almost everything at point blank in her head and she finally died.

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This is the biggest flaw of the game, you can potentially screw yourself over on the bosses if you aren't prepared with the right weapons/augs.

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