Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC Arrives Next Week for $15

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#51 Posted by Kandycane2029 (517 posts) -

More Deus Ex? Screw the price. Count me in!

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#52 Posted by avidwriter (709 posts) -

Oh look $15 DLC. Another few months there will be $20 then $25. *sigh*

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#53 Posted by Tesla (2129 posts) -

I went stealth hacker on my first playthough. Now I'm at the beginning of my second playing as gunslinger on hardcore difficulty, and it feels like a different game. Cool stuff.

Oh and you best believe I'll be all over DLC for the current game of the year. 15 bucks is like the cost of a movie ticket these days anyway.

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#54 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (2263 posts) -

15 sounds a bit steep.

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#55 Posted by lkpower (408 posts) -

I payed $10 for Da Vinci's disappearance and it only took about two hours. $15 seems Tolerable but not totally reasonable. You know what, you don't like the price... Don't buy it! "you vote with your dollar so if you don't want to pay a certain price, don't pay it"-Jeff Gerstmann

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#56 Posted by WilliamHenry (1285 posts) -

@smiddy said:

$15 for 5 hours. Sorry, no. This is getting ridiculous. Especially since we know that when a developer says 5 hours, it is in fact 3 hours long.

Yea, because $3 an hour to entertain yourself is totally unreasonable.

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#57 Posted by phantomzxro (1613 posts) -

Yeah 15 for DLC seems a bit high unless it's to the scale of GTA : ballad of gay tony or RDR undead nightmare. I will wait on this for a price drop or some wicked glowing review. I feel your better off supporting indie developers and buy a new game off of PSN or XBL.

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#58 Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 (578 posts) -

I would love to play this but $15 is a bit too steep of a price IMO. Hopefully it will be featured in a XBL sale at some point.

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#59 Posted by jkuc316 (1002 posts) -

What narrative gap towards the end of the main story? Did I miss something?

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#60 Posted by Shabs (905 posts) -

Judging by the quality bar set by the main game $15 seems totally reasonable for this. Seems like a mini expansion pack since its technical upgrades plus brand new standalone content.

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#61 Posted by Metaltron (34 posts) -

the character modeler obviously didn't look at reference.

hahaha he looks weird

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#62 Posted by RobReindl (23 posts) -


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#63 Posted by HyperMuse (2 posts) -

Gives me just enough time to play it before Batman arrives. There's gonna be a lot of sneaking up and knocking dudes unconcious next week.

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#64 Posted by miguelkosta76 (34 posts) -
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#65 Posted by ultimak (6 posts) -

This may just be the thing to get me back playing deus ex, my kill everyone run wasnt going so well.

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#66 Posted by Alraiis (40 posts) -

At first I wanted to complain about the price they're asking for five hours of single-player content. Then I remembered how I said nothing about the Half-Life 2 episodes and how satisfied I was with those purchases. $15 is fine.

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#67 Posted by EXCellR8 (125 posts) -

@Kandycane2029 said:

More Deus Ex? Screw the price. Count me in!


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#68 Posted by MeatSim (11151 posts) -

Still got to pick up Human Revolution at some point.

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#69 Posted by JoeyRavn (5227 posts) -

Any word on the Achievements for this? I assume it must have some new Achievements, but the game's page on Steam lists no new ones.

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#70 Posted by easybeinggreen (20 posts) -

This might be the first game I actually spend money on DLC or expansions or whatever. The only problem I had with DE:HR is that I eventually beat it and didn't have more to do... I look forward to this.

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#71 Posted by Shaanyboi (1545 posts) -

@JoeyRavn said:

Any word on the Achievements for this? I assume it must have some new Achievements, but the game's page on Steam lists no new ones.

There are like 9 I believe? Totaling 250.

There's one for completing the DLC, and another for completing it without applying any Praxis, or using any kind of guns/grenades. This one isn't that tough from my experience so far, as long as it doesn't bug you that you won't be able to move much, or hack anything beyond level 1. So... if that's how you play Deus Ex.... *shrug*

The rest are secret though. Atleast one is for a secondary objective, most of the remainder seem to be general progression.

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#72 Posted by JasonR86 (10178 posts) -

I'm not sure he has enough ab muscles...

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#73 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

so yeah I paid $33 for the game. not dropping $15 on a small side area.

just make a sequel or full expansion guys.

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