Deus Ex Human Revolution on sale on Steam and a revelation.

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So I just purchased DE:HR on Steam for £3.74 and it is probably the best money I have spent on a game for a couple of years. When the game first came out I picked it up on launch day for the 360, completed it and felt fairly underwhelmed. I am a huge fan of Deus Ex and this game just wasn't doing it for me. I decided yesterday to pick it up on Steam so I could maybe give it another go and see if my feelings were unjust, I am now loving this game more than ever and realizing that it is exactly the sequel to Deus Ex I always wanted, all because I am playing it on PC. The graphics are amazing when cranked up to full, the sound through a good pair of headphones is tense, chilling, futuristic and amazingly well composed. Little things like hacking with the mouse and typing codes in with the number pad have turned this into the experience that I had when I first played Deus Ex all those years ago just because it is a game made for the PC.

If you played this first on console and felt indifferent about it then please buy it for your PC, max the settings, grab a beer and play it through again, it truely is one of the most fulfilling games of this generation.

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If there's anyone on this site who won't play this game for (US) $5, you're no one I wish to speak to! That game is fantastic.

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@Imsorrymsjackson Yep. This game while servicible was really meant for PC. Tis great.
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Definitely a top 5 game of this generation. I'd probably put it in the top 3.

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I really like the game but it's too freaking long. Should be 10 hours shorter.

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I did the same thing. I spent a while disappointed in the game, restarted it on 360, enjoyed it some there, then bought it again on the computer. That game feels a lot different and a lot better with a KB/M for some reason, and I'm not just talking about aim.
Though, it's still overbearingly orange and black, it's still got weird animations, and the voice acting is still flat and hammy across the board. But whatever, it is a really good game!

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If you want story, don't bother with this game, go rent a spy movie.

If you want gameplay that allows you to CREATE the action and write your own unique scenarios with your fingertips rather than watching it happen in a cutscene, Human Revolution is a masterpiece.

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Yeah this game is amazing and I wish I hadn't missed out on it after it got released. When I did play it, though, I ended up playing two back-to-back whole playthroughs -- that's how thoroughly I enjoyed it.

It'd be my 2012's 2011 GotY I guess.

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I really like the game but it's too freaking long. Should be 10 hours shorter.

I wouldn't have minded the length of the game except that they padded it out by having you revisit Detroit and Hengsha instead of making a third hub city to mess around in. I think at some point, Montreal and somewhere in India were meant to be hub cities with a bunch of quests (also Upper Hengsha), but Montreal and Upper Hengsha got downgraded to the point that they were only infiltration missions, and India got cut entirely.

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