Do any of the retailer specific weapons seem overpowered?

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I would like to hear from people who played the old deus ex games.  I also played the old ones and I'm not sure what version to get.  I really want the bonus Tong mission, but I'm worried some of the retailer bonus weapons might make the game to easy.  Part of the fun of Deus Ex is slowly building your character.  So what retailer weapons have you used and do any of them make the early game feel too easy?  Or are any of them so awesome that your rather just have them anyway?
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I haven't got any of the bonus weapons (bought on steam), but as far as I've seen there's not that much evolution in the weapons. I'm 13 hours into the game and the only difference I've seen from the weapons are different weapon classes (So far I've seen: 10mm Pistol; Revolver; Machine Pistol; Combat Rifle; Sniper Rifle; Stun Gun; P.E.P.S - stun gun "rifle"; Rocket Laucher) with no stats or anything like that. Also, most of them were made available from very early on, and only way to differentiate the weapons are the upgrades, which you install yourself.

I haven't played much of the first game though, so I don't know how comparable it is with Human Revolution.

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