Elias Toufexis hanging with two other guys playing Deus Ex: HR.

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#1 Posted by NTM (9803 posts) -

OK, so I was just looking for stuff on YouTube on Deus Ex: Human Revolution (which I am playing again right now), and came across these interesting videos which I thought was pretty cool. I hope, as always, this isn't considered spam, 'cause it's something I find cool enough to share. I'll post one of the few videos that are up. So, enjoy as I am now.

I'm not sure if I'm in the minority here, but I actually liked Jensen, and I thought he was voiced well. In the video, you'll notice he actually knows about other games and catches stuff in the game that I don't think most would, like how one of the very minor characters in the beginning is voiced by the same guy who does Lambert in Splinter Cell.

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#2 Posted by SlashDance (1867 posts) -

Many thanks, duder ! :)

I also like Jensen's voice by the way, although I have a feeling he's forcing it in this video. The dude can't possibly talk like that all the time, right ?

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#3 Posted by NTM (9803 posts) -

@SlashDance: I was surprised too, 'cause I thought he had a more... normal(?) voice. If you'd like, there's more too it which I had just finished watching. Just click the top right of the screen once you're almost done with this one. I don't really know of his work, but I do like Adam Jensen as a character, so this was a bit informative for me. He later says he'd like it if there was a sequel to HR, and I agree. The guy seems like a cool dude.

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#4 Posted by Creamypies (4169 posts) -

Yeah, I really liked his voice in the game too. Interesting to hear that he always sounds like that.

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#5 Posted by Toms115 (2329 posts) -

god damn, his voice. so good.

also ending spoilers. skip to 3:00 if you don't want to see 'em.

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#6 Posted by Legend (2717 posts) -

That's really awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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#7 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

I. Love. His. Voice. Damn.

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#8 Posted by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -


I found out that this wasn't his ACTUAL normal voice, which kind of spoiled it for me, but for a magical moment... :)

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Yes, Jenson's voice was pretty good.... however, I just loved Sarif's voice.

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This is hella weird, but I approve. I also liked Jensen's voice. Kinda like b-level Christian Bale Batman voice. Well, higher than b, but you know what I mean.

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#11 Posted by drag (1212 posts) -

i didn't know that was his actual voice

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#12 Posted by Hero_Swe (1298 posts) -

Probrably the only one who didn't like the direction they decided to go with on Jensen's voice. Just made him seem like a dumb copycat of JC.

"Hey lookit me. I also wear a coat and have a deep voice"

Nothing against the guy, glad he could make some cash and gain recognition of it.

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#13 Posted by NTM (9803 posts) -

@Hero_Swe: If you were to watch the two other videos after this one, you'll notice that that's exactly what he was trying to do. He wanted to stay true to JC Denton's character.

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#14 Posted by Marz (6016 posts) -

that's cool, would like to hear a Nolan North commentary track for one of his games.

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#15 Posted by BBQBram (2478 posts) -

What a cool dude. Knows his shit and seems very amicable.

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