Games needs more music!

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The music that is there is good but 90% of the game is filled with subtle ambient music, not anything exciting or consistent.  One of my favorite memories of Deus Ex was the awesome music that played while you walked around, from the insanely memorable UNATCO theme to the catchy Hong Kong streets theme.  Nothing in Human Revolution is that catchy or attention-grabbing outside the main theme.  It's a bummer for me...
Games seem to be going this way in general though, more ambient and less theme tracks.  Do you like it or dislike it?

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Yeah, in the first game I always found myself humming the music in each area. Human Revolution needed at least one or two memorable exploration themes.

I hated that Hong Kong music though, so out of place.

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Mp3 player....

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Sure, I can't speak for Human Revolution specifically but a flat soundtrack really bums me out. There's a place for ambient music, of course, but I just love a memorable soundtrack.

Red Alert, Bastion, Super Meat Boy, the original Dawn of War.. like 90% of japanese games.

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