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This is a question to all the people who managed to get this achievement. What installments exactly are needed to get this achievement? I finished the game with an assault rifle that had 3 magazine expansions, 2 damage enhancers, a silencer, and laser pointer. What else is needed? And since I got most of these installments from vendors, can you guys give me a list of all the vendors in the game (if you know)? Thanks :))))

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@wealllikepie: You need all the special upgrades for the gun as well as maxing all the standard ones. For the assault rifle you are missing Target-Seeking System which makes bullets curve towards the target you marked with the first shot.

For full list of vendors and what they sell, this guide has them all at the end :

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If you examine any gun you'll see that most of them have empty upgrade slots for each category: damage, ammo.. etc. You'll need to fill all the empty slots for all four categories of a weapon of your choice using the upgrade kits you find or buy to get the achievement.

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