Is the DLC worth the cash?

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I loved the game. So far it is my game of the year, but $15 is a lot for some DC.

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@Cataphract1014 said:

I loved the game. So far it is my game of the year, but $15 is a lot for some DC.

If you loved the game then I'd say the DLC is definitely worth the cash. It's essentially more of the same Deus Ex gameplay you know and love but with different characters and less yellow.

My two playthroughs clocked in at just under seven hours total but there were definitely a few terminals I didn't hack and a few doors I didn't open, so I'd ballpark total play time at less than fifteen hours for the whole shebang.

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i sort of want it but agree $15 is pretty high. i always think dlc is priced 3 to 5 times as much as i'd be willing to pay, so maybe it's just me

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Looking at it on its own I do think it's worth $15. I did a lot of exploring and got 6 hours out of my first run through it. I didn't get spotted once and I knocked out probably 95% of the enemies in the facility. Your play style may yield different results.  I'll definitely play it a second and possibly third time. If you like Deus Ex HR as much as I do and really want more you'll probably be happy with what you get for $15. 
 Looking at it next to the DLC a lot of companies have given us for $10 it definitely looks a little overpriced. Undead Nightmare, Fallout addons, Minerva's Den, and others have been $10 and provided just as much quality content. Of course unlike those other games, this is the first DLC that I've ever finished and immediately wanted to jump in and play it again in a different way.
As a full disclosure I should point out that I didn't actually pay for it. I was given a code for the DLC so take that for what its worth. However, if I hadn't received it I was planning to buy it and having finished it I don't think I would have had any buyer's remorse.

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If you enjoyed the main game then you should definitely think about playing it. The DLC is a substantial piece of content, it offers what can be treated as a stand alone story which also feeds into the later game choices of the main narrative.

I got the impression that a lot of the criticism of the main game was taken into account with this and they made a concentrated effort to address those. Chief among them being the boss battle itself, it wouldn't be a spoiler to reveal there is one in here and its actually an encounter built around the mechanics this time.

It also continues the trend of Deus-Ex having some interesting and worthwhile achievements, the "Factory Zero" one in particular is another good showcase to the multiple routes that you can take through the multiple areas/missions. The "Apex Predator" is also worth mentioning as its one that is really satisfying to pull off.

They really could have half-assed this but there is plenty of new assets and a surprising amount of new VA present. It is an interesting self-contained locale and the whole package overall is good value. I would certainly recommend it.

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I just got done with the DLC, and I would say...yes. It was a bit tedious, but mostly because I was so committed to non-lethal with one exception, and I mostly achieved that goal. I love the whole Deus Ex world and found this was a good fit. Exploring was even more important in this dlc, though it was important enough in the last. The theme, the choices and decision(s) to be made, all now classic Deus Ex. And neat that there was at least one new thing to learn....

So I considered this purchase well spent, but I am admittedly a bit of a fan anyways. :)

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Apparently it is about 5 hours long so it has a pretty good length for the price. Plus, it is apparently just more of the same with a new narrative. So, if that sound good to you then it is probably worth $15.

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