what are the best augs and weapons to have for the 3rd boss?

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having wasted so much time beating the mantis because of poor aug choices earlier in the game, and also having poor weapon choices (no form of stun gun) ... I'm going to get ahead of the curve for the third boss now! Please tell me the best weapons and augs to have for the 3rd boss. Thankx!

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do you know of anyplace in tha game (after the second boss) where I can get this gun?

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If the 3rd boss is the one I'm thinking of he is the easiest one in the game, he has a glass jaw and one punch will floor him, don't need none of them there fancy augs.

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@mrfritz815: What platform are you playing this on? If it is PC than you can use the Cheeseburger mod and re-augment yourself/fully upgrade another weapon. It still counts towards your achievements as well.

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I used a combination of the stun gun and grenades for every boss except the last one.

Use cover to avoid their attacks and get in close to stun them, drop a grenade at their feet and stun them again. Once the grenade goes off, repeat the process. If you have enough stun gun ammo and grenades, plus the aug that makes you immune to EMP or gas, you can literally stand up in any boss's face on any difficulty and stun-lock/DOT them to death.

The Typhoon is by far a quicker method, but I didn't seem to have much ammo for that on my nonlethal playthrough.

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thank you for the info everyone. I'm playing on xbox.

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I see you very really frustrated with the second boss, so here's a hint, but it please note that it includes spoilers. It will, however, make the fight much easier (Though even without that tip it's still manageable, but the fight will prove to be much more difficult).

Do not get the chip upgrade at the L.I.M.B. Clinic, for it will mess you up because of story related reasons later in the game (Specifically, when facing the third boss).
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The third boss is in the maze right. There is ammo and guns in statues. Typhoon is great as well

Also heavy machine gun

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I chose to use only the 9mm and a revolver the whole game, so, i was left with whatever weapons and grenade the boss area had after expending those. I also did it with the fucked up kill-switch thing. On the highest difficulty. You should be able to do it with just about anything.

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Whichever on that lets you see through wall was helpful for me in that fight. Also, don't go to the clinic. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get to it.

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I threw a frag grenade at his feet right at the start which stunned him, then ran up and used typhoon twice and he died.

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Oh and, some people did it by carrying a turret through the entire level to his room.

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FINISHED THE GAME LAST NIGHT! That game is about 4 boss fights away from being one of my all time fav games. Anyway, I had no augs for the third boss fight (stupid updated chip) so I took in some gas grenades and a GOD DAMN ROCKET LAUNCHER. That did the job after he sucked on two (or three) rockets.

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My solution to every boss with my very non-combat character was to always carry grenades. So, grenades. Make sure you have them, unless you are actually spec-ed out for combat.

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