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    Deus Ex

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jun 22, 2000

    A celebrated cyberpunk-themed first-person role-playing game, Deus Ex puts players behind the shades of JC Denton--an operative thrust into a world of byzantine global conspiracies.

    sin4profit's Deus Ex (Game of the Year Edition) (PC) review

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    Great hybrid FPS/RPG game

    Deus Ex is the type of game that wants you to feel involved in the world it has created. In this world you have a verity of ways to approach many situations, stealthfully sneaking, hackerly hacking, or psychotically killing. Even at the time the gameplay took a bit of getting use to but once you got passed the playability you found a believable cyberpunk world that you could get into.

    One of the aspects i always liked about the game was the cool augmentations you could do to upgrade yourself. Sometimes useful, sometimes not, it was a drastic enough change that you generally felt a difference after augmentation.

    If you enjoy the made up gamer word "immersiveness" then you will enjoy Deus Ex.

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      Everyone wears leather in the future; Sucks to be a future cow. 0

      Released in June of 2000, Deus Ex tells the story of J.C. Denton, a special police operative in a future United States that has been wracked with terrorism. After embarking on a mission to neutralize a terrorist group, Denton discovers that not everything is as it seems and, after learning that his own government may actually be to blame, he soon finds himself an wanted outcast placed in the middle of a colossal conspiracy.While Deus Ex could be considered a forebear of the style of first-person...

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      A uniquely compelling game with an intricate storyline. 0

      Deus Ex is foremost a unique game in its field. It is really quite unlike any other game I have ever played. It shares territory with titles such as Half-Life and Tomb Raider, but also takes inspiration from some role-playing games as well. It seems to have carved out or invented its personal little niche in the game market, by mixing two normally contrasting game essentials. It manages to successfully combine puzzle, shooting and RPG elements to create a really exceptional atmosphere. While it ...

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