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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Mar 25, 2003

    Developed by Digitalo Studios, Devastation is a First-Person Shooter that uses the Unreal Engine Technology. It takes place on a polluted, destroyed future-Earth where a group of underground rebels are fighting against a corrupt mega-corporation called Grathius, Inc.

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    On a future devastated Earth, powerful, corrupt corporations control what technology remains and rule what's left of society. Pacification Squads, a brutal private police force, maintain order for the corporate syndicate.

    The only hope for freedom is a small group of resistance fighters made up of gang leaders, mercenaries and ex-military operatives. As the resistance leader, the player must assemble an army and travel the globe in order to restore and sanity to a very dangerous world.


    Melee weapons / Category 1
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    The player's default weapon. The player can use the character's fists for melee strikes, but are weak when compared to the other weapons in the game.
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    2X4 Wooden Plank
    A simple wooden plank. It does low damage, but deals more damage than unarmed attacks.
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    A glass bottle that, when in tact, can be used for melee damage. When the bottle is broken, its jagged remains can be thrown as a projectile.
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    A Japanese sword. It is the game's most powerful melee weapon.
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    Combat Knife
    A knife that can be used in melee or as a thrown weapon.
    Handguns / Category 2
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    9 mm Pistol
    This handgun is the weakest firearm in the game, but the player can dual-wield them.
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    9 mm Match
    A higher-quality version of the 9mm pistol. It deals higher damage, but otherwise shares the weaker pistol's qualities.
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    .45 Caliber Pistol
    A powerful handgun with a low clip size.
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    .45 Caliber Match
    A higher quality version of the standard .45. It features a larger clip size, faster rate of fire, and more power.

    Submachine guns / Category 3
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    Micro Viper
    The only silenced submachine gun in the game. It also features a large clip size and can be dual-wielded.
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    9mm SMG
    This 9 mm SMG features a faster rate of fire than the Micro Viper at the cost of accuracy.
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    Tiko SMP
    This .45 caliber SMG features an average rate of fire, but has a quick reload time.
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    Mini Hooverton
    This micro gattling gun found late in the game deals heavy damage, with a quick rate of fire and solid accuracy.

    Rifles / Category 4
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    Assault Rifle
    The assault rifle is a 5.56 mm assault carbine with a good clip size. It is capable of fully automatic fire and also features a secondary semiautomatic function.
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    Riot Shotgun
    A shotgun with a decent ammo count and power. However, it is only effective at close range.
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    Klum Pump Gun
    This weapon is more powerful than the Riot Shotgun. However, it has a low clip size.

    Sniper Rifles/ Category 5
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    Military Sniper Rifle
    This 7.62 mm rifle is the most powerful sniper rifle of the game, but it can only hold one bullet. The player can zoom in on targets with its scope.
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    Springbock Stalking Rifle
    This weapon features a larger clip size than the military sniper rifle at the cost of power. It is also capable of semi-automatic fire.
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    DR Automatic Sniper
    This sniper rifle uses the same ammo as the assault rifle, but it has a smaller clip size. It features a scope and can be used for automatic fire, but it has weak power and a small clip size.

    Heavy Weapons / Category 6
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    Laser (Sniper) Rifle
    The most powerful weapon in the game. It is capable of disintegrating targets. It can take down robots with ease and also features a scope for sniper fire.
    No Caption Provided
    Cobra Cannon
    A portable version of the robot turret guns. This gatling gun features a fast firing rate and a large magazine size at the cost of low accuracy.
    No Caption Provided
    Antique Machine Gun
    This old machine gun features a clip size only slightly larger than that of the assault rifle and can't be reloaded until the ammunition is depleted. It trades accuracy for power.

    Special Weapons / Category 6
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    Rat Drone
    A remote controlled drone disguised as a rat. It can enter small holes and features explosives that can be used to create openings. It will also explode if stepped on.
    No Caption Provided
    This spear gun is a great weapon is ideal for underwater combat and can take down sharks. The alternate fire mode causes the spears to explode. However, ammunition for the weapon is rare.
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    This weapon is similar to an SMG. It fires nails at an average rate, but the secondary fire mode imbues them with an electrical charge and fires them in bursts.

    Grenades / Category 8
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    Fragmentation Grenade
    A rare weapon. This grenade can quickly kill enemies within its blast area.
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    Poison Grenade
    The poison grenade is only available after completing the game once. It fills the area with toxic gas that will cause enemies that breathe its fumes to slowly lose health over time.
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    Flashbang Grenade
    A simple stun grenade. The bright flash emitted when it's set off will temporarily blind any targets caught in the flash.
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    Smoke Grenade
    A simple grenade that fills the target area with smoke. It allows the player to move without being detected.

    System Requirements

    Singleplayer Requirements

    • Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP
    • Pentium® III 700 MHz processor (1.0 GHz Recommended)
    • 256 MB RAM
    • 1 GB Hard Disk Space
    • 3D Accelerated video card with T&L and 32 MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce/ATI Radeon minimum examples, 64 MB VRAM Recommended)
    • DirectX® version 8.1 (Included)
    • Windows compatible sound card

    Multiplayer Requirements: ·Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) supported Multiplayer. *Internet play requires a 33.6 Kbps or faster modem (Broadband Recommended) INSTALLATION 1. Quit all other applications and insert the Devastation game CD into your CD-ROM


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