Read this if you get the Devil May Cry bundle off Steam

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While DmC and Devil May 4 worked just fine, Devil Cry 3's Controller support was piss-poor when I was trying to use my 360 controller. Which is why I had to fix it, it's works just fine now. I made a guide to show you how to do it yourself.

Now that I don't have to worry about that anymore it's been great, I just wanted to share my knowledge and save you guys some time. In the end all 3 DMC game off steam work fantastically now and I found it to be a great deal for $60. I hope the guide helps those that need it and have fun.

Update: I'm also willing to help anyone with issues. just send me a PM.

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@Farley_Lives: No matter what I do the sticks will not swap in the correct direction, all the other button changes work fine though.

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@Wampa1: Which controller and OS are you using?

If you're using a 360 Controller, make sure you have it set for if it's wireless or wired, "There is a difference so make sure you have the right one."

The fact that the stick didn't switch leads me to believe the profile isn't loading right.

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