This is STILL the best character action game ever.

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So, I've been playing the absolute crap out of the DMC HD collection. 30+ hours sunk into each title but DMC 3 remains by far the best of the series if not the best character action game of all time. I'm playing through with Vergil right now and the fluidity of the combat is still unmatched by anything released IMO. Bayonetta came close but I really enjoy the Style meter system of the DMC games to Bayonetta's scoring system. Also I think the general enemy design and gothic aesthetic are fantastic. DMC 3 has some amazing boss fights among my favorites being the fights with Vergil.

Also, the absolute insanity of the cut-scenes never gets boring. And Dante being absolute douchebag jerkoff is always entertaining. I suppose the music is hit or miss depending on your tastes but I tend to enjoy the DMC music. Its kinda really dumb in a way I can get behind. I'm really getting pumped up for DmC being released later this year. Can't wait!

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