Did I miss much?

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#1 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3255 posts) -

I rented this game from gamefly when it first came out for the PS3 and 360. I got up to the part where you are in the jungle, which I don't think was very far. After I got to this point I stopped playing and hadn't touched it in 2 weeks. Assuming I would never find interest in it again I returned it so I could give somebody else a chance.

Maybe it's just me, but the game bored me pretty quickly. I just wanted to ask if I missed anything that would have motivated me to keep playing or was this just not the type of game for me?

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#2 Posted by TheCreambun (135 posts) -

Probably just wasnt the game for you.
I really found it enjoyable except for the backtracking and recycling of levels once you unlock Dante, but the Nero parts was great fun imo.
I do seem to recall the jungle part of the game boring me aswell the first time through though... Maybe you should give it another go ?

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#3 Posted by Katsuri (46 posts) -

what creambun said, and maybe you could give it another go.

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#4 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2917 posts) -

I didnt really like it at all either.

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As a massive fan of the DMC series I was disappointed with the lack of innovation from 3 to 4, downgrade the graphics and this would easily be playable on the PS2. Here's hoping hardcore actioners aren't going down the same path as hardcore beat-em ups.

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Not great to me, Ninja Gaiden 2 destroyed it as far as a 3d action game this year imo. Just way more satisfying also cutting dudes into little pieces. It was too easy also..DMC3 at least had a good amount of difficulty.

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This actually is a pretty big step back from DMC3, which is unfortunate.  NG2 eclipses it in just about every regard except for camera, and God of War 3 will probably do the same as well.

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The game seemed intent on making me not want to play it.

But i was pretty happy with it by the end.

The first couple of levels where you start backtracking are bullshit. If you push past them and get some of dantes better weapons it gets better.

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I didn't mind the backtracking but I wish they didn't nerf Dante's moveset, and instead upped the weapons/moves for both characters and let you choose between both for the entire game.  Having you get used to a certain system of combat then switching it to something that plays fairly differently for 3 levels, then switching back for the final boss....bleh.

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#10 Posted by Rowr (5861 posts) -

I never played the first 3.

So the daunting part for me was the fact i suddenly had four different styles and i had no idea what the difference was, or whether i was playing the game effectively. I missed the Devil Hand.

As soon as i unlocked some of his weapons and started playing with those i was pretty happy though.

The only real pain were those fucking forest maze levels. Especially that stupid shadow puzzle. You cant just throw one fucking puzzle into the middle of a game and expect me to know there is a puzzle.

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