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    Devil May Cry 4

    Game » consists of 21 releases. Released Jan 31, 2008

    The fourth game in the popular Capcom action franchise, Devil May Cry. Take on the role of new playable character Nero, as he uses his swanky demon arm to beat the hell out of a demon invasion in the castle town of Fortuna.

    filiwian's Devil May Cry 4 (PlayStation 3) review

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    A Great Sequel to the Series

    This new chapter in the series takes a whole new turn as you play Dante and Nero along with all new characters that will prove to be fun battling. As you progress through the storyline you learn that Nero contains demonic power where his arm also know as devil bringer has the ability to grab enemies from a distance and crush them to the ground with a devastating blow. You get to use a revolver also known as the Blue Rose and a sword mainly named Red Queen which was customized by Nero himself. Nero sets out to save the one he loves called Kyrie who was taken by demons in order to lure him in and to use them to their advantage if they are ever to gain absolute power and to rule the world.

    The graphics in this game are greatly improved with stunning visuals and the uniqueness that will want to bring the gamers to play this game over and over again. In this game you get a new array of moves and abilities that will allow you to fight enemies with mindblowing style. You also get new weapons throughout that will prove to be very useful as you unlock higher levels for that specific weapon. Later in the game you play as Dante with four fighting styles similiar to that in Devil May Cry 3 which are royal guard, sword master, gunslinger , and trickster. Each one with its own advantage when fighting the enemy.

    This game has also many puzzles that might take time considering if you know where to go. The down side to this though is that the ending will disappoint you and there aren't really that many weapons when playing as Nero. As for Dante thought that's another story as depending what character you play really differs. This fourth istallment will however surprise gamers at the fact that it's actually easier than part three which will prove to be most satisying. Once you finish the game there are bonus content and new difficulties that can be unlocked depending on what mode you're on.

    DMC4 also has online capabilities but it's the kind that you would expect. There's no online gaming but rather more of a point sytem to see what rank you are in the game that will push you to try harder and to do your best if you ever want to get more points. The storyline is pretty short and should not take more than a minimum of eight hours to finish unless you like to take your time looking for red orbs that can be used to purchase items. It's a great game but not better than it's predecessor because of its repetetiveness and the fact that it lacks what it has to feature which makes DMC3 more outstanding than this. If you're thinking about this game I suggest that you rent it first to see if it really meets up to your expectations. Overall, it's great and fun to play.

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