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What were they thinking ?!?!?!

This game is one of ... actually THE worst game I played on the PS3 !! Its so bad it makes me cry a river and eat cup cakes while watching One Tree Hill.

Adequate, not a good start on the next gen consoles. Looks like playing PS2 all over again. I mean everything in this game seems plain boring and it gets very very repetitive and you can actually see how unappreciated was their work on this horrible sequel.

Game play:
Not bad but not quite good. The only thing I liked was that they combined all the styles of Dante at once rather than back in part 3 you could only change at a statue thingy. Nero's arm can come quite useful and handy sometimes because you can actually bring your enemy towards you while you're fighting.

The new character Nero is a badly photoshop version of Dante if he every went to high school and has a very annoying attitude that will get him beaten up in the wrong places all the time. The other casts are weird and they seem kinda ... sorta ... AAHH!!! screw them its a disaster! What the eff were they thinking !??!

Please don't buy it !! rent it if you may you will feel better when you give it back to the store clerk, like much better.

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