Capcom have retconned the DMC timeline; acknowledges the existence of DMC2

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It has been assumed that according to various sources and artbooks that Devil May Cry's red-headed stepchild DMC2 fits in the timeline right at the end, that is no longer the case, the official timeline as of DMC5 is now:

3 > 1 > 2 > 4 > 5

So Dante's broody phase is now set before his first meeting with Nero. It seems the anime fits between 1 & 2 now.

Love those remixes of the classic tracks.

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#2 Posted by Humanity (18500 posts) -

Very telling that the would rather acknowledge DMC2 than DmC in any way.

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Changed the order? I thought this was always the case? Regardless, I played through 2 again recently for whatever reason, it's not the trash fire people think it is. It's just a very standard ps2 action game of the era.

It almost felt like more of a shooter than a hack & slash game given how broken Ebony and Ivory were.

EDIT: Oh, no, sorry you're right they did change it I got mixed up, my bad ;p

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@humanity: Ninja Theory's DmC was a complete reboot and doesn't really exist in the same world.

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@casepb: Yah but it would still be better to strong arm it somehow into the order instead of trying to justify DMC2 in any way.

EDIT: Just to clarify you are absolutely correct and I realize what I'm saying is largely nonsensical but DMC2 is just really bad.

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@humanity: Well, between Capcom kinda selling out the series and thinking that it needed to be westernized, and Tameem Antoniades getting salty towards the core DMC fanbase, rightfully so but to an extent, it's not hard to imagine Capcom wanting to distance themselves from DmC since core series Dante is a puckish rogue, while Donte is just an asshole with more edges than Shadow the Hedgehog. So, it's either acknowledge game that was marred by a terrible development cycle but has the one redeeming quality of the framework for arguably the best character action game of all time, or acknowledge a game that is pretty competent but untimely hurts the brand with the loyal fans due to misdirection and a disgruntled developer.

With that said, I'm fine with DmC and wouldn't mind seeing a DmC 2, and I pretty much label it as a parallel universe to the main series. But I also cut DMC 2 a slight break because of how that game came to be.

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I think a better order would be 3 > 1 > 4 > 5

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Was DMC2

I mean it's an awful game but I assume everyone thinks of it as apart of this series storywise, yeah?

and yeah the reboot is a good game but it really has no place now that DMCV exists and they want the goodwill of the fanbase back

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I don't know what it says about DMC's story that the ordering needs to be told through twitter instead of the actual games. You can just change the ordering on a dime and the story still makes sense?

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@onemanarmyy: I guess 2 was so bad and nonsensical it felt like they wanted to put it in a distant future you could ignore.

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@onemanarmyy: I mean 2 has no bearing on anything whatsoever and Dante is just doing his best shitty amalgamation of Batman and Two-Face. So you can move that game back and forth as much as you like and it will make as much sense either way.

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I've only played 2 DMC games. DMC 4 which I thought was pretty mediocre and the reboot which I absolutely fucking loved.

I was incredibly pissed off that they were going back to the old style.

For shame Capcom. For shame.

The fact that you can re order these games and it still seemingly makes sense story wise kind of lessens the overall thing in my opinion.

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Not too thrilled that Dmc2 is a thing, but I also thought DMC was fine gamewise, but the story and characters were atrocious.

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DmC's tone was so .... juvenile but I loved playing it. As for DMC2, I'm interested to play that original trilogy. I think the set camera angles put me off at the time but, seeing Kamiya's lineage and where that combat would end up, I should get to it.

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@shindig said:

DmC's tone was so .... juvenile but I loved playing it. As for DMC2, I'm interested to play that original trilogy. I think the set camera angles put me off at the time but, seeing Kamiya's lineage and where that combat would end up, I should get to it.

I love this franchise so this is probably sacrilegious to say but I honestly think the first one is skippable along with the second one. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but both those games are kind of rendered useless with the existence of DMC3 and 4. Not only that, but DMC3 is a prequel and can just be the first one anyone ever plays. So if you wanna trim the fat, I say just play 3 and 4. But sure if you're up for it, go for the whole trilogy.

DMC3 is just one of the best actions games ever made and then 4 makes the combat even better but with a worse campaign structure.

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@mercutio123: What you're feeling is what regular DMC fans felt. They would have been better off making it a spin off or different game than using the mainline DMC brand. Also you played the worst game to introduce you to the old series. DMC3 is the peak of the series. DMC4 has a lot of problems.

DmC has the fundamental problem of not being anywhere as complex as the older games which reached fighting game levels of complexity. If it had been a different game or spin off then it would have been completely fine as it's own standalone

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