March 8th Release Date, Gamescom New Trailer + Full Demo Playthrough

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New trailer showing off more gameplay, a little bit of Dante at the end and a release date confirmation of March 8th, 2019. This game looks incredible and I need it immediately.

IGN also posted direct capture of the Gamescom demo. I'm posting theirs instead of anyone else's because they play with auto-assist on, so you actually get to see some combos instead of someone who barely/never plays DMC spamming Red Queen Combo A over and over again.

Gameplay looks responsive and slick, aesthetically they're leaning into the reboot with some of the art design and a bit of the morphing terrain thing it did, as well as things like the letter for the style ranking filling up rather than a separate bar, an announcer shouting your rank as it goes up, and intro screens for new enemies. Gameplay wise though this looks like 100% classic DMC.

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I had to go back and look to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me when he started RIDING HIS FUCKING SWORD.


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Getting some real heavy DmC vibes with this. Like, real real heavy vibes.

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Goddamn, DMC5 ain't fucking around. They are going all out and everything about it looks glorious.

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Looks good, I just wish those big robot arm moves weren't pick ups. I always get inside my own head with stuff like that and never end up using them.

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I need this game inside me. I have been a fan of Devil May Cry since the beginning and it’s been too damn long!

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Nero says "Give em a little taste of the GOOD SHIT" and then blasts a giant Megaman X laser out of his Phantom Pain arm. This game is gonna be ooooookayyy.

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Where's dat hype button?

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Glad to see the terrible camera is back. I wonder if they will split this like DMC4 with Dante/Nero. Other than that yah it sure looks like DMC4 but prettier, so the fans of the original will be pleased. I’m just curious if they will adopt any modern quality of life changes or still have weird checkpoints and such like the old games.

Also holy shit those faces just look off-putting.

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@humanity: It's super weird. All the animations and combat stuff look like it's ripped right out of 4 but with new particles on them. But then the UI and enemy designs look like this game is trying to be DmC 2. Only the scissor wraiths look like a legit throwback. What an odd combination. I'm def not gonna complain about keeping the announcer for style though. Screaming SAAAAVAGEEEE was the best part of the reboot. XD

Though yeah. Gameplay looks like 4 but with more stuff. So I'm in! Can't wait!

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@tobbrobb: if it’s combat from 4 then sure I can dig that, although I always thought it a bit awkward because of the camera making some directional moves confusing to pull off.

Man I don’t want it to be structured like DMC4 at all. Fail a bonus doorway and get checkpointed to the very beginning of the level? No saves mid level? Boss rushes with no saves in between? No thanks. The hardcore might appreciate that stuff, and it should be an option for them, but I don’t have the time for that sort of dedication.

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@humanity: Yeah I wouldn't mind if some of the directional input stuff is changed or read differently. I like to play on keyboard a good bit (dont judge me), but pulling off back to forward inputs like Neros air dash is really awkward on some angles. If they made concessions on that stuff for keyboard/hitbox players I would be very happy.

And yeah like, it's the same animations I'm pretty sure. I played a ton of DMC4 last month, I would recognize those anywhere. It's like looking at an old and new Tekken game side by side almost. It's likely to feel very similar.

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I was so worried about this game based on the initial gamescom clips I saw. Thanks for posting the IGN one since that was the one that won me over. The combos and pacing in that one feel much closer to what I've come to expect from a DMC game.

Really stoked for this game now. I love all the boss designs in previous games, and the goliath from this demo seems to fit right in with their boss design calibur.

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Haven't seen the video. Debating whether I should even bother, the game's a must buy for me.

Any word on a demo coming out?

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Man, that translated smack talk... Hot dang that is some cheese.

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I’m very into crazy uncle Dante just swinging his motorcycle around as a weapon and Nero shooting a damn laser from his robot arm. It’s been like 4 years since Bayonetta 2, and I’m more than ready for a new character action game in that vein.

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See that fight with the scissor demon in the mother fuckers know how to get me god dammit.

Anyone else think Nero looks kinda like DmC Dante? As much as they aggressively ignored that game at E3, I imagine the DMC team paid some attention to that game.

Also, with Dante being officially old looking, does this game finally take place after DMC2? Is that a thing? Have they just fully stricken that game from the canon yet?

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@beforet: There's been a theory floating around that Dante looks so old because he's just come back from being sent to hell after DMC2 but that's just a theory. There's another theory that this game might bring DmC into canon too but that's also just a theory

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Was the music getting progressively louder and more intense as your style meter goes up done before Sunset Overdrive? Or is that them taking direct inspiration?

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@beforet: I played the first level of DMC2 for the first time not that long ago. I was going in looking to give the game a fair chance. Like I had give DmC before it. Christ they need to just burn that game from existence. That's got to be about the hottest piece of garbage I have ever played. Why does the camera seem like the worst skate video? Why is everything so floaty like it's all happening on moon gravity.

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@ryuku_ryosake: I have beaten every Devil May Cry game numerous times except 2, which I’ve only beaten once. I tried to play it again when the HD collection came to current consoles but only made it half way through.

It might be one of the most boring games I have ever played, which is the last thing you would expect a Devil May Cry game to be.

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@ryuku_ryosake: DMC2 is one of the few games I can very, very confidently call nauseatingly bad. Just complete gutter trash.

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@ryuku_ryosake: I use very little hyperbole when I say that Devil May Cry 2 is one of the worst games I have ever played to completion. While not technically broken or unplayable in the same way as some other trash I've come across, it's just incredibly bland. That's maybe the worst adjective you could throw at a character action game all about making crazy stylish combos. Hell, that Legend of Korra game that Platinum made is more interesting than DMC 2, and it's even like half as long (3 hours as opposed to 6.)

That said, I think it would be kinda hilarious if they finally brought DMC2 back around into the canon. I dunno, have Lucia show up and everyone make fun of her.

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This is looking really good! Twin Motorcycle blades and skateboarding on cyborg arms? This is looking delightfully silly.

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@pompouspizza: I almost beat that motherfucker on Dante Must Die. I don't know why. I was younger and didn't have as many games I guess. I 100%'d the first DMC, and so maybe felt like I had to.

But god, what a bad game. I've heard that it's a case where a team started making one game then had to pivot it into a DMC game. Which worked out for the first game sure, but if true then it clearly didn't work out for the second.

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Sekiro looks far more interesting.

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@arbitrarywater: @inresurrection: It doesn't excuse it, but the supposed dev time on DMC2 was something like literally 12 months, with a complete switchover in leads 4 months before release, and it kinda shows when you can beat the last boss by standing at the edge of the arena and shooting your pistols.

About the only good thing it introduced to the series was the bloody palace mode.

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@glots: Sorry, wife, I'm not sure what happened but it looks like I can't go on a date tonight. I'm all booked up!

Really looking forward to playing this game tonight

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@glots said:

There's a demo out now on Xbox. It's just the E3 snippet with Nero, but still pretty fun.

Played through this a few times since it's fairly short.

First of all it looks real sharp on an Xbox One X and runs real smooth. The characters all look real nice. The environments are kinda typical "classic" DMC fair - a little empty, a little bland, but as far as fighting arenas go they're ok.

As for actual gameplay? Well this is DMC4 straight up. You have an almost identical control scheme that brings with it the good and the bad all the way back from 2008. The camera will get wonky despite a "stay in back" option toggled with small indoor areas potentially becoming a real mess. The directional combat moves are still an issue because of this as sometimes it's difficult to tell where "back + Y" is relative to your character. You are locking on with RB to do your launchers and etc and executing Y combos for the sword. At least in the demo Nero retains the Red Queen and the Blue Rose from the previous game, as well as the ability to either pull in enemies towards you or pull yourself up to larger ones (typically bosses) using his new robo-fist. If you dumped a ton of hours into DMC4 you will feel right at home here, with Nero anyway.

The new inclusion here are the breakers, which are abilities tied to Nero's new robotic devil bringer. These all give you certain special abilities and the demo features two - one which sends out a shock blast and another that lets you quickly air dash. You can charge the breakers for unique abilities that will destroy the arm - like for Overture which is the electric arm Nero will shove it into a monster and it acts like a timed bomb and for Gerbera you shoot out laser beams in various directions. On top of that you can keep charging the arms into a sort of super that is the same for all arm types and likewise destroys it after you're done. Gotta say I wish they mapped this to something else because holding down the breaker button too long by accident will launch into this laser cannon mode and sometimes you absolutely do not want that. The unique breaker abilites are neat and chaining them into combos is pretty fun. In the demo the movement-augmenting breaker was especially useful and almost necessary for the end boss. Seems like there will be a lot of interplay between the risk-reward of destroying your arm to get out of a tight spot but then being left without a special ability that can really help to turn the tide of battle.

I dunno it's a newer prettier Devil May Cry. People that hated DmC can sigh with relief because this is pretty much exactly what they wanted - more of classic DMC with the varied combat and snarky but not "emo" dialog. Nero is no longer the brooding KIRYE! machine and has turned into a Dante Jr. of sorts. Personally I think the control scheme remains clumsy in all the same ways as it was back in 2008. You get used to it but having to hold RB to do some moves and let go for others with the wonky camera and the directional input relative to the character - it's just a mess sometimes. There is a boss fight at the end of the level and dodging, at least for me, doesn't feel reliable. I'm probably missing something but unless I'm using the Gerbera special ability to air-dodge I feel like the typical RB+A+left/right for side dodging is just not good enough or the i-frames are weirdly placed. You end up sorta clumsily air dashing at this thing 3 times as big as you are but you never magnetise to his head exactly so you're just kinda slashing at this thing without real rhyme or reason.

I had decent fun and I'll definitely get it and play it, but I wish they had modernized some of the controls a bit because this Resident Evil camera work is just no longer a good option, and plenty of games have done it better since then.

Last thing - the enemy design in the demo was pretty bad in my opinion, like.. bugs or something and weird dark things I couldn't even really make out with scythes. Didn't really seem to have much rhyme or reason behind it.

I broadcast to MIXER for the first time ever during a second or third playthrough hoping it could archive to I could link the video here and maybe even get some tips but despite broadcasting it's not showing up in my Past Broadcasts for some reason.

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@humanity: You can remap the controls. I personally hate it whenever i'm asked to hold down the bumpers for a prolonged peroid of time because I find it uncomfortable. So I changed lock on to LT with exceed on RT. (I swapped these because i'm used to Bayonetta)

Personally I was hoping that Nero would feel different to how he did in DMC4. I never liked how slow and deliberate he was, but I know some people love it so whatever. My biggest problem was the camera especially in the boss fight. The fact that it's always locked on him is kind of bullshit, especially if you see something in the enviroment like a devil breaker or green orb you want to pick up but cant get to it because the camera is locked in the other direction. (Ninja Gaiden 2 fixed this by having toggle and that was a decade ago) The boss also just felt like a reskin of Burial with one new attack and wasnt that fun to fight.

Oh well, i'll still end up getting it because these types of games are a dying breed but i'm hoping the new devil breakers add some extra variety and Dante has some cool new weapons we havent seen yet. It does look nice so thats something.

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The game has 3 playable characters each with their own styles and music! *tears*

Where is the pre-order buttton!

Loading Video...

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Is this the first gameplay footage of V they've put out there? He looks like he might be a bit of a puppet character, so I'm very much looking forward to not being able to use him well at all.

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I'm so excited, this game is everything I could have wanted. I was so scared GOW 2018 was going to be the path they followed, what an awful action game. I was alarmed when the camera is pulled in tight right away at the beginning but otherwise very rarely had an issue with the camera. The zoom-in shot that they took from the reboot seems to be the most problematic - go figure that taking ideas from that mess of a game might not be a good idea - but I'm so glad PROPER DMC is back to get things back to how they should be. I have hopes for Nioh 2, Lost Souls Aside and of course Bayonetta 3 to get us back to stylish 3D action games again. There's a crazy amount of potential with Nero in just the demo alone and seeing the Sins from DMC3 back and I guess a take on the Beelzebubs from DMC1 as the basic trash mobs is great. The Sins in particular are wonderful. Goliath is fun, and though there are a lot of devil breaker moves they've shown off that aren't in this demo, he's a good tutorial boss as has always been with the series - big dude, basic projectiles that you can deflect and a few very dangerous moves to look out for. The fact that parrying him can lead into other maneuvers and all the environmental destruction just look fantastic

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#38 Posted by Humanity (18641 posts) -

@chacobo: I'm actually surprised they decided to take so little from modern games when making this, effectively just remaking DMC4 right down to the combos. In effect this game, from the demo at least, already feels weirdly dated before it has even come out. Of course it's just a tiny slice of the whole package but given all their design choices which seem to mirror exactly a game that came out 10 years ago and even back then was quirky I don't have high hopes the rest is modernized either. For those that wanted just more of the same that alright I guess, of course when browsing gameplay videos on the internet fans are already upset that you earn S ranks too fast and that it's broken and was better in DMC3 or DMC4 - go figure.

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@humanity: Yeah I don't think it feels dated at all, I think it feels right because it's taking fundamentals from games that worked right away instead of trying to push the camera way too close to be "cinematic" or making enemies snap and slide around like in GOW to make it simpler. It's responsive, it's deep, it's challenging, I don't know what else I could ask for in a game made now, or a game made in 2004. So many other games that might be considered "modern" took from DMC and then took from Souls and it's usually really obvious to see, but generally the execution falls apart. I also wouldn't say anything about it's presentation is dated either, it's amazing this game runs so smoothly, I love Capcom with money I totally forgot they make some of the best games in the world.

Also they're elaborating a lot more on what Nero can do, the Devil Breakers are a very significant build on what he could do in DMC4, the Exceed system is tweaked, Blue Rose is way more useful now and functions differently than DMC4 - you start the game with Roulette so you have more of the active dodge since DMC has i-frames on the Jump, that's actually how you're supposed to avoid damage as well as just staying aggressive. I think it's testament that fighting games largely still apply the same foundation, and Itsuno having his fighting game background it makes sense that the game is the way that it is, and I hope it doesn't change and instead just continues to improve.

It also has the cameo system, drop-in drop out co-op is definitely not a dated game thing. Also yeah it is a bit easy to get an S-rank but I'm sure that demo is set on the easier difficulty...I don't think people should be too mad about that - also with the inclusion of microtransactions that is pissing some people off, wouldn't you WANT to get more red orbs through just playing anyway? It's still not as simple as the reboot where you can mash Aquila and SSS rank in a second.

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@chacobo: It sure has nice character models. The stages from the demo, ehh, I mean they were alright and I suppose in character action games the arena isn't nearly as important - but those are the things I wish were worked on. This is, as you said, a great elaboration on DMC4, and I wish it was more than that. That said these are impressions from the demo so who knows how the final game will shake out. I thought the new God of War was excellent but it wasn't really a character action game anymore, it was it's own thing at this point. Ironically DMC5 has the camera pulled in way close by default but fortunately you can change that out in the options menu, although the camera remains kinda bad and will often back itself into a weird corner or turn itself away from the enemies. But I will suppose this game anyway because for the most part character action games are pretty much dead. Bayonetta despite being excellent is confined to a single platform. DmC was great in it's own right but hardcore fans wanted more of the same so they couldn't appreciate that game for what it was - and it was doing some rather interesting things. I dunno what else came out in the genre recently.

Also I would be interested to see statistics of DMC4 players - out of all the people that play how many were actually really great at the combat. Because that game was incredibly deep but it also required some pin point execution at times that I'm certain most people simply weren't able to execute on. Countering hits with the devil bringer required some split second timing as did getting exceeds on hits (although I've noticed the timing in DMC5 remains the same with hitting the button as the sword is over your head).

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@humanity: I never had camera issues to be honest, maybe once or twice it pulled to a corner, but, unlike GOW, it makes foreground elements transparent, it cuts away the set like a film would, instead of just forcing the character to stick to the camera and causing literally half the screen to be blocked by kratos' great trapezius muscles - not very cinematic. I love the camera so far because it pulls away from combat, if there are multiple enemies, it lets you know that they are there, and it takes the NG approach of not having enemies attack you from off screen - another mistake a lot of games do. I also always use the hard lock-on, the camera never behaved badly for me with that active even when I was air taunting and gerbera dashing in circles and just being an asshole. I'm gonna play it more to see if I can try to break the camera but otherwise I know what I'm doing. I more have an issue with how intense the particles are, that can straight up hide what i'm doing sometimes.

I don't think the reboot really tried to do anything of it's own tbh outside of one specific combat thing. It has an interesting system where if you switch weapons, the combo doesn't reset for the new weapon it branches off from the "step" in the previous weapons combo, so when you switch you could just peform a combo ender instantly - that's an interesting take on it - Kingdom Hearts does a similar thing. But otherwise, i'm glad that game can be forgotten and I can finally google search DMC5 and not have to see those awful redesigns anymore. I played through the DE of DmC since it never released on PC a few months ago, and ..that game was bad and aged in its tone when it came out and it's even worse now. It's "wake up sheeple" the game and literally a stage where you have to stop the big bad government from putting things in the soda that makes people stupid, it's like a comedy but it thinks it's the coolest most meaningful thing in the world. When I go to the upgrade statue in real DMC games it gives me cool smooth tunes and a nice UI, in the reboot, when i approached the upgrade thing, big text in the sky appeared that said "SUBMIT TO DEBT" and i was like boy oh boy.

Yeah not a lot comes out in this genre anymore, I think it's just too difficult to make for the most part. Everyone's trying to do Souls now and just like action games, like one or two get them right and the rest just sort of exist. Nioh and maybe Darksiders 3, but even big mainstream Assassin's Creed and giving it a shot. I was watching the combat designer of Darksiders 2 play through Darksiders 3 and just talk about the elements of more actionny games that are still in there it made for an interesting discussion.

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#42 Posted by doctordonkey (1812 posts) -

As someone who probably played like over 150 hours of DMC4 back in the day, this is exactly what I thought it was going to be. It's a tighter, cleaner, more forgiving version of that combat system. The EXceed mechanic is a few frames more forgiving, which is good because the timing was simply too tight back in DMC4. I eventually got good enough to hit MAX-acts with like 60% consistency, but the timing was literally 2-3 frames. If you were playing on a TV with high latency (and a lot of them were in 2008), you had a hell of a time hitting those. Not surprising, considering Capcom moved away from 1-frame links going from Street Fighter 4 to 5. You also get get a half-rev if you are way the hell off on your timing.

Definitely seems easier to stay in the air. Not DmC levels of nonsense, where you would only touch the ground if you wanted to because of how almost non-existent the gravity was and how dead simple JCing was, but it's way more forgiving than 4. Blue Rose was already incredibly powerful if you used charge level 3 in DMC4, but in this game it's very powerful, even without any of the upgrades the full game will no doubt have. It's a nice change of pace, since the last time guns actually felt powerful was DMC1 (DMC2 guns were broken and trivialized the game, and that game doesn't count).

I'm imagining Dante plays pretty similarly to 4, as well. Which I'm fine with, the only problem with Dante in 4 was that they threw everything at you at once. You play Nero for over 60% of the game, and then they throw you into this character who has 5 styles, 50 bajillion moves and zero tutorials, who you then have to fight late game enemies with. Which was DMC4's biggest problem, obviously. It was half of a game, maybe less. That combat system deserved so much more, and now it's finally gonna get it's time to shine.

Couple things that rubbed me the wrong way. I can't believe they didn't find a better alternative to doing Shuffle and Calibur. Yes, it's easier to perform them now, but they felt awkward to input in DMC4, and they still feel awkward now. Also, why the fuck is Split backwards+ button? Why the hell would they change that, it makes zero sense. Either way, by all accounts this game will probably be incredible when it comes out. Pretty excited.

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@doctordonkey: I think Split was changed because a lot of people hold forward while doing their air combo just out of habit. Accidental splits are really common when you watch new players get into 4. Backwards makes it more deliberate.

That said. I prefer the old way and it's such a weird minor thing to change when so much else is identical. Not a big deal either way.

There's one thing I think sounds like a really good improvement to Dante. I heard that you can supposedly equip any combination of weapons (up to 4 or 5 melee weapons). So you can either have this unwieldy crazy setup where you cycle 5 weapons on R2, or you can scale it down back to DMC3 and only run missions with 2 weapons at a time. That's a huge deal for me, since relearning muscle memory for cycling 3 weapons is REALLY HARD. I prefer the DMC3 route.

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#44 Posted by TheHT (15813 posts) -

Dunno why, but this one picture really piqued my interest in this game:

No Caption Provided

The more I saw the more I came to realize how rad this looks. Then I saw that there's a lad that fights with a cane and am now extremely hype.

On a related note, I should really get back to Bloodborne.

But seriously, this looks like a blast.

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#45 Posted by Rejizzle (1090 posts) -

I have been trying to do split this whole time and thought they just straight up removed it. Back and triangle, damn.

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#46 Posted by FrostyRyan (2909 posts) -

@rejizzle: I would at least like an option in the menu to change it to forward triangle for us people too used to 4

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