March 8th Release Date, Gamescom New Trailer + Full Demo Playthrough

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#1 Posted by TechnoSyndrome (1596 posts) -

New trailer showing off more gameplay, a little bit of Dante at the end and a release date confirmation of March 8th, 2019. This game looks incredible and I need it immediately.

IGN also posted direct capture of the Gamescom demo. I'm posting theirs instead of anyone else's because they play with auto-assist on, so you actually get to see some combos instead of someone who barely/never plays DMC spamming Red Queen Combo A over and over again.

Gameplay looks responsive and slick, aesthetically they're leaning into the reboot with some of the art design and a bit of the morphing terrain thing it did, as well as things like the letter for the style ranking filling up rather than a separate bar, an announcer shouting your rank as it goes up, and intro screens for new enemies. Gameplay wise though this looks like 100% classic DMC.

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#2 Posted by FrostyRyan (2828 posts) -

I had to go back and look to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me when he started RIDING HIS FUCKING SWORD.


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#3 Posted by The_Nubster (3819 posts) -

Getting some real heavy DmC vibes with this. Like, real real heavy vibes.

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#4 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7076 posts) -

Goddamn, DMC5 ain't fucking around. They are going all out and everything about it looks glorious.

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#5 Posted by Rejizzle (1003 posts) -

Looks good, I just wish those big robot arm moves weren't pick ups. I always get inside my own head with stuff like that and never end up using them.

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#6 Posted by pompouspizza (1524 posts) -

I need this game inside me. I have been a fan of Devil May Cry since the beginning and it’s been too damn long!

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#7 Posted by doctordonkey (1723 posts) -

Nero says "Give em a little taste of the GOOD SHIT" and then blasts a giant Megaman X laser out of his Phantom Pain arm. This game is gonna be ooooookayyy.

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#8 Edited by Toxin066 (3531 posts) -

Where's dat hype button?

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#9 Posted by Humanity (18134 posts) -

Glad to see the terrible camera is back. I wonder if they will split this like DMC4 with Dante/Nero. Other than that yah it sure looks like DMC4 but prettier, so the fans of the original will be pleased. I’m just curious if they will adopt any modern quality of life changes or still have weird checkpoints and such like the old games.

Also holy shit those faces just look off-putting.

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#10 Posted by TobbRobb (6509 posts) -

@humanity: It's super weird. All the animations and combat stuff look like it's ripped right out of 4 but with new particles on them. But then the UI and enemy designs look like this game is trying to be DmC 2. Only the scissor wraiths look like a legit throwback. What an odd combination. I'm def not gonna complain about keeping the announcer for style though. Screaming SAAAAVAGEEEE was the best part of the reboot. XD

Though yeah. Gameplay looks like 4 but with more stuff. So I'm in! Can't wait!

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#13 Posted by Humanity (18134 posts) -

@tobbrobb: if it’s combat from 4 then sure I can dig that, although I always thought it a bit awkward because of the camera making some directional moves confusing to pull off.

Man I don’t want it to be structured like DMC4 at all. Fail a bonus doorway and get checkpointed to the very beginning of the level? No saves mid level? Boss rushes with no saves in between? No thanks. The hardcore might appreciate that stuff, and it should be an option for them, but I don’t have the time for that sort of dedication.

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#14 Posted by TobbRobb (6509 posts) -

@humanity: Yeah I wouldn't mind if some of the directional input stuff is changed or read differently. I like to play on keyboard a good bit (dont judge me), but pulling off back to forward inputs like Neros air dash is really awkward on some angles. If they made concessions on that stuff for keyboard/hitbox players I would be very happy.

And yeah like, it's the same animations I'm pretty sure. I played a ton of DMC4 last month, I would recognize those anywhere. It's like looking at an old and new Tekken game side by side almost. It's likely to feel very similar.

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#15 Posted by Big_Denim (716 posts) -

I was so worried about this game based on the initial gamescom clips I saw. Thanks for posting the IGN one since that was the one that won me over. The combos and pacing in that one feel much closer to what I've come to expect from a DMC game.

Really stoked for this game now. I love all the boss designs in previous games, and the goliath from this demo seems to fit right in with their boss design calibur.

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#16 Posted by liquiddragon (3109 posts) -

Haven't seen the video. Debating whether I should even bother, the game's a must buy for me.

Any word on a demo coming out?

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#17 Edited by Rahf (463 posts) -

Man, that translated smack talk... Hot dang that is some cheese.

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#18 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15520 posts) -

I’m very into crazy uncle Dante just swinging his motorcycle around as a weapon and Nero shooting a damn laser from his robot arm. It’s been like 4 years since Bayonetta 2, and I’m more than ready for a new character action game in that vein.

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#19 Edited by beforet (3467 posts) -

See that fight with the scissor demon in the mother fuckers know how to get me god dammit.

Anyone else think Nero looks kinda like DmC Dante? As much as they aggressively ignored that game at E3, I imagine the DMC team paid some attention to that game.

Also, with Dante being officially old looking, does this game finally take place after DMC2? Is that a thing? Have they just fully stricken that game from the canon yet?

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#20 Posted by BicycleHam (1391 posts) -

@beforet: There's been a theory floating around that Dante looks so old because he's just come back from being sent to hell after DMC2 but that's just a theory. There's another theory that this game might bring DmC into canon too but that's also just a theory

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#21 Posted by doctordonkey (1723 posts) -

Was the music getting progressively louder and more intense as your style meter goes up done before Sunset Overdrive? Or is that them taking direct inspiration?

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#22 Posted by Ryuku_Ryosake (444 posts) -

@beforet: I played the first level of DMC2 for the first time not that long ago. I was going in looking to give the game a fair chance. Like I had give DmC before it. Christ they need to just burn that game from existence. That's got to be about the hottest piece of garbage I have ever played. Why does the camera seem like the worst skate video? Why is everything so floaty like it's all happening on moon gravity.

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#23 Posted by pompouspizza (1524 posts) -

@ryuku_ryosake: I have beaten every Devil May Cry game numerous times except 2, which I’ve only beaten once. I tried to play it again when the HD collection came to current consoles but only made it half way through.

It might be one of the most boring games I have ever played, which is the last thing you would expect a Devil May Cry game to be.

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#24 Posted by Inresurrection (459 posts) -

@ryuku_ryosake: DMC2 is one of the few games I can very, very confidently call nauseatingly bad. Just complete gutter trash.

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#26 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15520 posts) -

@ryuku_ryosake: I use very little hyperbole when I say that Devil May Cry 2 is one of the worst games I have ever played to completion. While not technically broken or unplayable in the same way as some other trash I've come across, it's just incredibly bland. That's maybe the worst adjective you could throw at a character action game all about making crazy stylish combos. Hell, that Legend of Korra game that Platinum made is more interesting than DMC 2, and it's even like half as long (3 hours as opposed to 6.)

That said, I think it would be kinda hilarious if they finally brought DMC2 back around into the canon. I dunno, have Lucia show up and everyone make fun of her.

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This is looking really good! Twin Motorcycle blades and skateboarding on cyborg arms? This is looking delightfully silly.

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#28 Posted by beforet (3467 posts) -

@pompouspizza: I almost beat that motherfucker on Dante Must Die. I don't know why. I was younger and didn't have as many games I guess. I 100%'d the first DMC, and so maybe felt like I had to.

But god, what a bad game. I've heard that it's a case where a team started making one game then had to pivot it into a DMC game. Which worked out for the first game sure, but if true then it clearly didn't work out for the second.

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#29 Posted by dudeglove (13567 posts) -

Sekiro looks far more interesting.

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#30 Posted by dudeglove (13567 posts) -

@arbitrarywater: @inresurrection: It doesn't excuse it, but the supposed dev time on DMC2 was something like literally 12 months, with a complete switchover in leads 4 months before release, and it kinda shows when you can beat the last boss by standing at the edge of the arena and shooting your pistols.

About the only good thing it introduced to the series was the bloody palace mode.

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