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Some feature I don't see get enough praise in this game is The Void. I think it might actually be my favourite part of the game. I'm a huge training mode nerd in fighting games, sometimes I'll buy a fighting game and put 90% of the time playing it in training mode. I absolutely love going into the lab and just grinding out combos and seeing how unique I can get with them, and how consistently I can land them in different situation. So having the ability to just spawn any enemy I want, have the option to let them attack freely, have them take damage or not, and the myriad of other options, is absolutely amazing. I must have sunk like 15 hours into it alone, it's so good, and I don't see it mentioned a lot when talking about the game.

Another thing on my mind about things not being mentioned enough is the ambient music. Every level has its own unique ambient music, and every track is so goddamn good. Great ambient music can often go unnoticed in games, because it's never something you really pay attention to, especially in a very fast paced game where you are just running from one arena fight to another, like DMC5. It's just kinda "there", while the character and battle themes are often praised. But when ambient music is done thoughtfully and well, like here, it really shines.

This game really blew me away, I didn't watch any footage leading up to it and it really shocked me just how well thought out the design of every aspect of it is. Incredible.

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I didn’t watch any footage either, and I have had the same experience. I truly felt the need to practice to feel badass. It does a fantastic job of rewarding player skill without feeling frustrating.

With the 3 different characters and the amount of combat options they have squeezed into the game it felt so overwhelming at first, but when it clicks it’s unbelievably satisfying.

I got the standard version, but I had no problem spending the $15 on the Deluxe Edition Upgrade after getting my hands on the game.

Capcom is on fire right now.

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