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Dante shows us why DMC and DMC3 are still top action brawlers. 0

These HD collections that videogame publishers are releasing are brilliant ways for people to experience game series they never got around to. A HD collection should be the best representation of that videogame, but truth be told, some publishers see this as quick cash in or don’t put as much love into the conversion as they should do. Thankfully, Capcom have done a good job in making the Devil May Cry HD Collection worthwhile, with only some small irksome features – mostly down to the oldness o...

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The original steals the show 1

Late in the PS2’s lifecycle I picked up a little package off eBay that included three games by director Hideki Kamiya: Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and Devil May Cry. The one I really wanted was Okami (and it was without a doubt the best of the three) but once I’d finished Amaterasu’s adventure, I gave the other two a go as well. Viewtiful Joe was tough but mostly fair and full of fascinating gameplay ideas, while Devil May Cry…There’s no nice way to say it: Devil May Cry kicked my ass. I made it past ...

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DMC HD Review 0

Hey guys, I just wanted to post my review of Devil May Cry HD Collection here. This originally appeared on my mail blog over at but I wanted to share it with everyone here. So enjoy!There comes a time in a mans life when he becomes curious. He starts to ask questions. Questions about his lineage, his forefathers, his family history. Questions like:“Who were my ancestors?”“What kind of man was my grandfather?”“Was he a bad ass?”Devil May Cry HD Collection for Xbox 360 was r...

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