Which game, was the best out of the franchaise?

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#1 Posted by flaminghobo (4779 posts) -
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#2 Posted by flaminghobo (4779 posts) -

In my opinion I thought Devil May Cry 3 was the best, it just seemed to carry the most action and cocky attitude that I expect from Dante.

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#3 Posted by Illmatic (1380 posts) -

I've only played Devil May Cry 3 (SE) and Devil May Cry 4 and of the two I loved the third one. Overly cheesy, outlandish, and loved every second of it.

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#4 Posted by Inuzagi (173 posts) -

Devil May Cry 3 felt like it was the best of series, with the first Devil May Cry coming in second.

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#5 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

Devil May Cry 3: SE is my favourite, with DMC4 coming in second. I played the first after I completed the third, and found it did not hold up very well at all. And the second was just sort of awful, so that's at the bottom of the barrel.

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This is seriously a no-brainer.  While DMC1 is a PS2 classic, and DMC2 wasn't nearly as awful as people make it out to be, DMC3 (SE) is by far the best in the series.  The combat was incredibly deep, and the difficulty is thumb-numbingly ball-busting at times.

DMC4 was a joke.
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@jakob187: I didn't really see Devil Mary Cry 4 as a "joke", however it was a downturn for the series when you compare it to the previous release. Once you've completed the first ten stages of the game, you've pretty much played the actual game. Not a good move by Capcom.
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#8 Posted by MartyrXSI (18 posts) -

DMC 2 is the best!!! fail.

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#9 Posted by AlwaysAngry (3004 posts) -

I never even played a game, but DMC4 is the reason why I still hate most Japanese games... 
Metal Gear Solid being an exception.

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#10 Posted by Jikla (159 posts) -

I have played every DMC game and DMC 3 is the best one so far. Played through it 2-3 times and I still go back for some more action. The game needs to be played on hard!

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