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    Devil's Crush

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Jul 20, 1990

    A demonic-themed pinball game and the sequel to 1989's Alien Crush for the TurboGrafx-16. It would later be ported to the Sega Genesis as Dragon's Fury. It has recently been added to the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console catalog.

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    Devil's Crush (Devil Crash in Japan) is the second game in the Crush Pinball series, after Alien Crush, and was developed by Compile and released in 1990 for the TurboGrafx-16. It was followed by two sequels: Jaki Crush and Alien Crush Returns.

    Devils Crush was later released for the Sega Mega Drive in 1991, renamed Dragon's Fury (Devil Crash MD in Japan), and was developed by Technosoft. In 2007, Devil's Crush was released on the Wii Virtual Console. A PlayStation Network version was released in Japan in 2009, and is compatible with the PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable.


    Devil's Crush features similar gameplay to the prior Alien Crush, but its free scrolling table goes three screens high instead of two. There are three flippers, one on each screen. Balls must be charged, then released into the table to begin scoring points. The basic goal is still to gain as much points as possible before losing all of the balls. There are many objects placed throughout the pinball table, which either need to be hit or entered in such a way that the ball sits inside to score points.

    Devil's Crush Pinball board (3 screens long)
    Devil's Crush Pinball board (3 screens long)

    There is a pentagram on the top screen, and if all the Roman Numerals are hit robed fiends start circling around the pentagram. This leads to a bonus round and gain a lot more points as well. Devil's Crush uses a dark hell oriented theme, and many creatures and objects placed throughout are related to Hell, or the Devil in a way. There are also secret holes the ball can be shot into, thus getting to a different screen which is 1 of 6 different mini boss fights which can be fairly tough, but if successful will earn a lot of points.

    A new feature to Devil's Crush is the ability to shake or tilt the table to gain leverage, or to get out of a touch, such as being stuck. Tilting the table too much will result in the flippers to stop working, causing the ball to become lost. Besides the boss type bonus rooms there are also many other bonus type rooms that can be entered, all of which have different setups with different means to score bonus points. Another addition are features that can help the player out; for instance, getting the ball inside the mini castle placed on the table will raise walls to block the gap under the flippers for a limited time.

    Reaching the one billion point mark will enable a battle with the final boss and the end of the game. Devil's Crush supports the TurboTap accessory for multiplayer mode.


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