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 Perhaps one of the strangest uses of a band in a game, Devo: Adventures of the Smart Patrol is a computer adventure game starring the weirdo pop group Devo, in which they are tasked in saving Spudland from Turkey Monkey, who is going around, generally being a bad dude and spreading a disease all over the game land. The game was written by the band, which is why none of that makes sense.
The player takes control of one of the members of the band and it plays as a point-and-click adventure game from the first person (a la Myst). The game presents you with 12 in-game hours (or about a half hour of real play) to stop the dreaded Turkey Monkey and also gives you 8 different game areas. However, the game uses its 12 hours to present the player with 'right place, right time' situations, where being in certain areas at certain times gives new insight into the world and shows different events transpiring. As such, it takes several playthroughs to actually figure out what the heck is going on and what on earth you have to do.
Though a DEVO experience throughout, with strange humor and weird visuals, the game still manages to feature strange content such as FMV nudity, so young ones should be kept from playing it. Since the game was so heavily panned by critics, though, everyone should probably be kept from playing it anyways.

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