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This 3D collect and explore game was first published in 1988 by The Edge as "Inside Outing" for the 8-bit homecomputers Amstrad CPC, C64 and ZX Spectrum and was re-issued as "Raffles" in the same year for unknown reasons. One year later it was also released for the 16-bit machines Amiga and Atari ST with the title "Raffles". In the U.S. this game was published as "Devon Aire in the Hidden Diamond Caper" by Epyx. A Commodore CDTV version was released in 1991, which is a one-to-one copy of the Amiga counterpart.


Sinclair User02/198870ZX Spectrum10 out of 10100
Graham TaylorEnglish
Micro Hobby05/198833, 34, 39, 40ZX Spectrum8.7 out of 1087
Zzap64!02/198870, 71C6485 out of 10085
Julian Reginall, Paul SumnerEnglish
Crash02/198891ZX Spectrum82 out of 10082
Paul Evans, Dave Hawkes, Nathan JonesEnglish
Info Magazine07+08/198956C644 out of 580
Judith Kilbury-CobbEnglish
Atari ST User07/198930Atari ST8 out of 1080
Pat WinstanleyEnglish
Tilt02/1988100C6415 out of 2075
The One05/198939, 40Atari ST73 out of 10073
Graham TaylorEnglish
ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)01/198886C64702 out of 100070
Andy SmithEnglish
Amstrad 100%04/198861Amstrad CPC70 out of 10070
Amstrad 100%06/198982Amstrad CPC70 out of 10070
The Games Machine06/198933Atari ST65 out of 10065
Generation 405/198964Atari ST62 out of 10062
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)02/198818C647.2 out of 1260
Datormagazin01/198820C642.7 out of 554
Johan PetterssonSwedish
Power Play03/198881C645 out of 1050
Boris Schneider-JohneGerman
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)05/198948Amiga, Atari ST4.4 out of 1237
Bendrik MuhsGerman
Amiga User International03/199361Amiga36 out of 10036-English
Amiga Magazine07+08/199249Amiga--Jan van DieDutch

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