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    Dhalsim is a stretchy Indian man from the Street Fighter series. He can breathe fire, and even teleport short distances.

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    Dhalsim is a pacifist from India who fights to raise money for his village, but realizes this contradicts his pacifist beliefs. He wears the skulls of children who starved around his neck to remind himself of why he fights. His style is somewhat supernatural; Dhalsim breathes fire, teleports around the arena and attacks with his stretchy limbs. The story of Dhalsim has him retire at the end of the second World Warrior tournament to roam the world, helping anyone in need, but returns to fight in Street Fighter IV. His height is 5'9 1/4" (176 cm), and his weight is 106 lbs. (48 kg).


    • Yoga Fire: The Short flame burst setting alight the opponent.
    • Yoga Flame: Often with a long and deep "flame" voice this is the longer more powerful flame attack.
    • Yoga Blast: Basically an anti-air version of the Yoga Flame (first used in Super Street Fighter II Turbo).
    • Teleport: Dhalsim has the ability to levitate and thus teleport in front or behind his opponents.
    • Throws: Dhalsim has two main throws often used in the games, one being a yoga Noogie and the other a full body toss.
    • Yoga Drill: Whilst in mid-air, Dhalsim will go downwards spinning around slowly like a corkscrew until he hits the ground.
    • Yoga Catastrophe: This attack is a powered up ultra ability that causes Dhalsim to focus his energy into creating a very large, slow-moving sphere of fire that hits his opponents multiple times.

    Dhalsim's Win Quotes

    • " Peace and tranquility... This is the way of Yoga! "
    • " Meditate now... Then the answers you seek will be revealed. "
    • " The mind can often be a more formidable weapon than the body! "
    • " Victory is to control yourself as well as control the opponent. "
    • " To prove your bravery is to protect those who are innocent. "
    • " Shed your ego and become a part of what is around you. Awaken! "
    • " A friend, no matter how weak or poor... is worth dying for. "
    • " My family... my friends... I will fight for their souls. "
    • " Action brings reaction. Your fate has followed you. "
    • " Meditate on your loss. Someday our paths will cross again. "
    • " Don't cry. I'll let you live. "
    • " I'm your master. Pain is a state of mind and I don't mind your pain. "
    • " I will meditate, and then destroy you! "

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