1.0.5 and Monster Power

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Blizzard is adding a new mechanic called "Monster Power" that will make it easier for players to adjust the difficulty of monsters (Increasing health and damage basically) in each difficulty. As far as I understand it, this will only make the game harder if you decide to use the feature.

It's explained in here - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6187857/Monster_Power_More_Guts_More_Glory-11_10_2012

1.0.5 will also introduce a new event called "Infernal Machine", which will allow players to fight ubered versions of bosses, and two of them at the same time. Additional stuff is documented here - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6120708/Public_Test_Realm_Patch_105_Notes_-01_10_2012

What are your thoughts on this? Does anyone even still play Diablo III? I'm still hoping for a bigger variety regarding levels, but I'm curious to see how exactly will the Infernal Machine change bosses in appearance and what, if any, story will be behind it.

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While both seem like pretty neato mechanics, it's still not enough to get me playing D3 again. At this point, it's a case of too-little, too-late. If stuff like what you linked rolled out while I was still playing D3, I might still be playing. Maybe when I finally come back to D3 in a year's time (next year's inevitable mid-year gaming drought), I'll be pleasantly surprised.

To comment directly on the new mechanics, Diablo II had both of these features and I wonder why they weren't already baked into Diablo III in the first place. Monster Power, Infernal Machine, and Paragon Levels all seem like good ways to entice people who've already had their fill of the vanilla game up to Inferno to stick around some more. But again, I think Blizzard overestimated how long players would stick with D3 after they reached the endgame and have missed the optimal window to roll endgame-serving mechanics out.

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