Anyone scared to buy due to HD 3000 video card...

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As someone who probably had some of my first video gaming thrills playing Diablo II, I was super excited when Diablo III was announced. I was, however, cautious about investing 65 dollars in the game after hearing mixed reviews of performance on computers with similar/better stats than mine, a 2011 13" MacBookPro with an Intel HD 3000 integrated video card, 4GB Ram, and a 2.4GHz Intel i5 Processor. After waffling on whether or not to buy the game since its release, I finally decided I had to at least give it a shot and bought the game over the past weekend. I haven't had a ton of time to play it, but several hours into the game I have had very few performance issues and have greatly enjoyed the game, granted without all the bells and whistles a more high-end system would provide. That said, it still looks nice and without having played it on a faster, more powerful machine, I am 100% happy with the quality of the gameplay on my computer.

Anyways, just thought I would throw this up on the site; I spent a fair amount of time searching for similar topics and found some that were helpful, but most that were not. So thought I'd throw this up here for anyone who is in the position I was in last week. Get the game. Turn shadows off, all settings on low, and set max foreground FPS to 70, background FPS to 5 (or something in that neighborhood). It runs. It still looks pretty. It's a ton of fun. Dooooooo it!

Cheers! (PS - sorry if there are already similar topics to this... I didn't see any in my brief scan of the forum)

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i'm sure someone with this setup will appreciate the information.

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Amen to that. Saw a friend of mine playing on her laptop. The game looked pretty decent so out of curiosity I asked what graphics card the laptop had.

When I heard that it was integrated I was flabbergasted (also Intel HD3000).

I'm old school so I never imagined a game could look this good without a dedicated. It really does look very nice especially considering that it is using a non-dedicated card.

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Integrated cards are much better than they once were and actually gaming on them is possible, though it usually requires a bit of fiddling and a willingness to play older games and lower settings. They will obviously never provide the same experience that a good dedicated card can, though.

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The radeon 4200 and 3200 integrated cards run the game decently too. The only real issue i've come across with the game, is staying connected to a server. Makes me wish there was a dedicated single player mode, that didn't require you to connect online. Matter in fact, its bullshit theres not that option. Nobody could argue otherwise. Keep your online and single player content seperately from each other to keep hacking out, but no.

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I have this exact model without the 100MHz processor bump, it runs very well. Consider upgrading to 8GB of RAM, with the integrated HD3000 it increases the minimum amount of memory set aside by the system to 512MB over the 384MB with 4GB of RAM. See below:

No Caption Provided

I play with more of a "low-medium" setup, some shadows and other niceties at the native resolution. I think it's close to 30fps, however I can't check because the latest patch broke the frame counter. You can get many more frames of course by setting a non-native res, and dropping more to low. Setting max frames is good to prevent spiking.

There have been large improvements in Lion, and more in Mountain Lion regarding graphics. You will see an improvement if you spend the $20.

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