Diablo 3 Cheats and Bots

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Anyone know how they are going to stop malicious things for diablo 3? I have already seen a few bots and cheats out there and yes i know they are banning people for them, but what about warden? For example yo can find sites like stupid sites like taultunleashed (diablo 3 cheatsguild wars 2 cheats also mmoviper (guild wars 2 botsswtor bots]. Will they have something like world of warcraft's warden system to detect people? Also why arent they just banning right away anyone that cheats or bots. Why give people a chance? Anyone who cheats will do it again.

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@lordofterror: In order to stop cheaters they first have to identify them. This isn't as easy as it sounds since the cheaters are constantly trying to figure out ways to circumvent Blizzards various methods of cheat detection. While it's fairly easy for Blizzard to detect any changes in the client-side game files themselves, it's a bit more difficult for them to identify automation scripts that operate outside the game program itself. They have to be able to identify repititive patterns that may indicate the automated behavior of a bot, and they have to be certain that these methods do not generate false positives and ban honest players who may have been preforming actions that appeare to be bot-like. Meanwhile, the bot writers are constantly tweaking their scripts to make their behavior seem more random and more "human like". It's a constant arms race and Blizzard has to be vigilant.

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I always play like a bot!

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a friend of mine used a bot for doing goblin runs in act 2 right up until the point where he found out that the bot had dropped all him extremely expensive gear of the ground and quit the game

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@lordofterror: I think you underestimate how hard of a task it is to fish out hackers/cheaters in a game with millions of players. It's not as simple as flicking a switch. There are algorithms and processes that much be accomplished before they can even begin. THEN they have to figure out who the hell is doing it, and hope they can ban-hammer the lot of them before they switch to another system of cheating.

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I can't flag this, can someone else do it please.

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