Diablo 3 - Season 11 PS4 players!

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Hey all!

I'm getting back in to D3 pretty heavily and am looking forward to the start of Season 11 on the PS4. Any others want to exchange PSN IDs and group up?

mbmsog - mostly an Est evening player

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What are Seasons? I just started playing Diablo 3 after a a year or two away and they added a ton of stuff. I liked the weekly challenge thing with the premade character. Pretty cool running through a rift with a crazy berserker barbarian.

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@bartok: You do Challenges in tiers, completing a single tier will net you cosmetic items and most of the time two pieces of a set of the class you completed the tier in.

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#4 Posted by Mike (17878 posts) -
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Haha yea the challenge rifts have been fun for sure. Seasons lets you start a fresh new character and try to complete certain objectives and obtain some unique items. (Mostly cosmetic but still cool stuff)

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I pretty much only play solo, but I would love to trade information for gifts. I keep sending gifts to people on my friends list that don't play anymore. My username is brodywb.

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#7 Posted by twi (225 posts) -

Request sent

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#8 Posted by n00bs7ay3r (268 posts) -

I have been thinking about trying my hand at Diablo III again. I have not played it since release on the 360. I had no idea there were "Seasons". I am GMT though so I am not sure the times would work out.

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Even if we can't group up there is a gift system in place that happens with any member of your friends list when you play. So feel free to add me and join the fun

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