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I wanted to make an official thread to let everyone know as we ramp up to Reaper of Souls that there is a Giant Bomb community group that you can join. It's public, and simply titled "Giant Bomb," so search it via the community tab and join up!

If you've already joined the initial community group (Giant Bomb Dot Com), I apologize, but the name was moderated on grounds that it's advertisement, which actually makes sense. I'll eventually disband the old group once everyone's moved over.

For fun, I'd like to get a few more officers (or Luchaduders) set up, so if you'd like to be one, and you can follow the golden rule of not being a dick, then just send me a message in-game, and I'll promote you. Other Luchaduders can promote as well. Alternatively, feel free to reply here and let me know your in-game name.

Lastly, I want to mention that Giant Bomb clans exist as well. More info on that, here.

Let's drop a bomb on the devil.

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I love dropping metaphorical bombs.

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I'll definitely be joining, thanks Rich.

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What's the difference between clans and community group?

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