First Run solo or multi?

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#1 Posted by jordanado (16 posts) -

Will your first run through the game be solo or multi? I'm torn personally. The game is more fun to me multi, but since all the in game cut scenes can be skipped by anyone without vote, I'm tempted to do a solo run thru first just so I don't miss anything

Clearly the focus of Diablo 3 is not story but I cant shake my obsession with seeing everything in every game I play.

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#2 Posted by YI_Orange (1341 posts) -

I never really played D2 with randoms, so my barbarian will probably be flying solo mostly. I'll probably make a monk and a witch doctor or something to play with people though.

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#3 Posted by IBurningStar (2275 posts) -

I'm going to do my initial normal run a solo one. For the harder difficulties I am probably going to group up with friends and fellow duders. Especially for Inferno...

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#4 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Pretty much the entire reason I'm buying Diablo III is so I can play with people I know.

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#5 Posted by BongChilla (326 posts) -

I'll be going solo initially than start a hardcore char when I'm about a third of the way through. I'll alternate back and forth so I'll get the story beats than play methodically with my hardcore guy/gal.

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#6 Posted by DaemonBlack (354 posts) -

Solo. The people I play Diablo with are generally the same people who skip cutscenes and then ask you what's going on. So I'm going to try to enjoy the story/experience with the least amount of distractions.

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#7 Posted by StealthRaptor (568 posts) -

I'll be going through with my girlfriend. I've finally convinced her to play something other than a barbarian in a game so I'm pretty excited.

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#8 Posted by Dimsey (1124 posts) -

I only every really play multiplayer with my bro and we're both interested in the story, so I'm not terribly worried about him skipping things. 

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#9 Posted by Aleryn (718 posts) -

I think I finally played through the singleplayer of the first Diablo about four years after I had put hours into the multiplayer...

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#10 Posted by Atom (253 posts) -

Solo, until i figure which class I like. Also, I kinda wanna see the story

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#11 Posted by SpydrMrphy (91 posts) -

If you can do your first run with friends, go with friends. If it's going to be running with randoms, I would say solo. Good old randoms usually spell trouble when a new game is released because people ether want to run through it as fast as possible, or are to lazy clueless to figure it out. The sad part is later on the randoms become more whinny because they think they know everything and you must be playing it wrong.

I'm going to do a few run-throughs of it with a couple groups of friends, after that it will probably be a mix of solo and groups if there are GB ones.

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#12 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (712 posts) -

Since I have a bunch of friends getting it I'll probably be playing with a group most of the time, but I shouldn't have to worry about cutscenes being skipped too much. if they are I'll just go back and play it again and watch them and gain more levels as well :)

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#13 Posted by CornBREDX (7283 posts) -

solo at first, I think. I have friends I might play with though so we'll see.

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#14 Posted by Ketchupp (692 posts) -

Solo. I'm going to try and devour every piece of lore and story and no one is going to mess with that. Plus I figure I'll have plenty more playthroughs on higher difficulties for that sweet sweet loot. There's plenty of time for friends afterwards.

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#15 Posted by dskillzhtown (35 posts) -

Solo first. I want to see all the cutscenes and take my time exploring.

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#16 Posted by Arkkazeal (116 posts) -

Multi up until the end of where the Beta left off (as ive already done that run like 50 times), and then back to Solo so I don't miss anything.

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#17 Posted by Driadon (3228 posts) -

Probably just a game open to friends only.

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#18 Posted by Cataphract1014 (1470 posts) -

Solo for normal because I am leaving on the 17th for two weeks and I want to see the whole game before I leave!

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#19 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Solo! Because I'm a huge nerd that cares about the story. After Normal, it'll be MP all the way.

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#20 Posted by Tru3_Blu3 (3562 posts) -

Randoms or with friends, just like the past.

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#21 Posted by ShaunK (1639 posts) -

Multi with my crew. Were not going to be skipping cutscenes so I don't have that to worry about. And in the beta I could hear the lores loudly over the taking in skype which was good.

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#22 Posted by StarvingGamer (11495 posts) -

Both, solo when my friends aren't on, multi when they are.

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#23 Posted by Wallzii (230 posts) -

When friends are on, I'll play with them. If I am on by myself, I'll likely just create a game and play, and if some random joins my game and is in the same part of the game, we'll group up. 
I have no issue soloing when I have to in D3, but I would much rather go through with a friend.

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#24 Posted by Funkydupe (3614 posts) -

I'd like to play with a group but no friends seems to like Diablo 3 so random guys it is.

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#25 Posted by avidwriter (710 posts) -

I'll wait a few months for a few patches, balancing etc. Who knows maybe they'll get some sense and allow offline play.

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#26 Posted by Woodles (71 posts) -

Solo playing at my own pace for the story and cinematics. After playing d2 rush mode for so long it will be nice to slow down. I forgot about the "twist" at the end of d2 until watching someone play through d2 for the first time ever. Of course after seeing everything that's there, MP with buds all the way.

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#27 Posted by Firepaw (3095 posts) -

Solo, so I can take in the story and world - exploring the game and advancing through it at my own pace. Later I'll, of course, join up with some randoms or friends.

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#28 Posted by MachoFantastico (6552 posts) -

Solo, most of the folk I'd play with would skip all the story stuff and that drives me up the wall. 

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#29 Posted by MeierTheRed (5633 posts) -

Solo, don't want to miss on the story parts or cut scenes.

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#30 Posted by Tordah (2584 posts) -

Solo, obviously. I don't want to the story ruined by having other people in the game.

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#31 Posted by Extreme_Popcorn (846 posts) -

Solo, my friends don't play games like Diablo.

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#32 Posted by RVonE (5003 posts) -

Solo first, solo last, solo always.

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#33 Posted by StrikeALight (1240 posts) -

Solo first, then with friends and fellow-duders.

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#34 Posted by Tennmuerti (9328 posts) -

First run through Normal solo.

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#35 Posted by Sapp (18 posts) -

I'll be playing with the hugest Diablo nerds I personally know (myself included), so always multi for me. We all care about the lore for the first normal run and by the time we've reached nightmare it will be a huge skipfest.

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#36 Posted by gamefreak9 (2877 posts) -

I got a friend who is interested in the story as much as me so it won't be a problem. Multi!

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#37 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2186 posts) -

Would've been a good poll. Mainly solo at first then I'll see if I know anyone who would like to co-op with me before resorting to randoms.

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#38 Posted by oniring (18 posts) -

None of my friends are playing D3, at least not at launch. And I'm ok with that. I want to go through normal on my own so I can enjoy it at my pace with out people talking over the game on skype.

By time I finish normal some of my friends may start playing and I'll open my games up to pubs can join for faster grinding.

But definitely solo to start!

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#39 Posted by Hunkulese (4225 posts) -

I always found playing diablo solo was dreadfully boring.

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#40 Posted by supamon (1339 posts) -

Flying solo first then multi with the subsequent difficulties.

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#41 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7598 posts) -

Solo, I dislike how you can completely miss the story stuff on multiplayer. I'd like to see it all, at least the first time around.

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#42 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2526 posts) -

Solo so I can soak the story in more. My solo experience should be more pleasant now that there are check points and no corpse hunting when I die.

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#43 Posted by Capum15 (5937 posts) -

Gonna be doing both a solo and multi run. Probably multi as my very first, unless they somehow don't get on at launch.

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#44 Posted by J12088 (471 posts) -

Both. I'll be solo playing when I've nobody online to play with and co-oping when they are. Different characters of course.

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#45 Posted by envirosani (9 posts) -

My first run will be 4 Player co-op with friends. I'm way too excited for tonight, but I can't help it :D

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#46 Posted by fox01313 (5253 posts) -

Silly question, solo at first to try out the different classes, as I've seen many interesting RPG classes in the past that looked interesting but turned out weren't that much fun to play, then when I find the class or two I like then join up with friends (who played enough of the beta to know what they're going with for the main).

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#47 Posted by toorima (204 posts) -

I will be playing multi with some friends

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#48 Posted by Scottish_Sin (247 posts) -

Running through it solo first then I'll jump into the multi.

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#49 Posted by ionkinetic (165 posts) -

I'm going solo the first run, not trusting no one to not skip cut scenes.

I have some days of before the weekend so going to try to finish it before and then take it multi.

Remember to turn off "Quick join" under Social in game settings, some people don't leave when asked, and there are no way to kick them.

I never did test if the Busy setting in made it so friends couldn't join.

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#50 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2738 posts) -

Solo the first time through, to get the story beats, trying to parse out the story in Diablo 2 in multiplayer was an attempt at futility.

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