First Run solo or multi?

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#51 Posted by Sporkbane (185 posts) -

Probably solo first, but that's only because my friends live in different time zones and therefore will get a head start on me. Once we're both up I'll probably play with them, since I know they won't be skipping the cut scenes.

That said, the only real reason to play solo is for the story. Once that's out of the way playing in groups is the best way to make it up through NM and Hell, and then finally inferno

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#52 Posted by MrMuscle (497 posts) -

First run will be solo. I want to soak in all the atmosphere and story and not get rushed by others who just wants to finish the game as fast as possible.

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#53 Posted by deox (270 posts) -

I'm going to test out some of classes first and play solo with which ever one I like the most. I'll jump into MP for the harder modes.

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#54 Posted by PhantomGardener (551 posts) -


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#55 Posted by Pobearo (119 posts) -

Solo so I can focus on the story. I'll probably beat it before my friends do, then I'll join one of their games.

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#56 Posted by LevelUpAdrian (173 posts) -

Solo - don't really see the enjoyment in playing with absolute randoms. That said, I might start an Inferno run with some of my staff when I get it unlocked and the like.

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#57 Posted by BrockNRolla (1725 posts) -

I happen to really like Diablo's story. So yeah, I'll be mostly soloing.

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#58 Posted by JP_Russell (1194 posts) -

I've always been one of the relatively rare people that mostly played Diablo 2 solo and preferred it that way, and I'll be starting out that way in D3 to get a feel for things, as well. But I'll be playing another character in MP basically concurrently, I think, since I have a friend that I want to play it with.

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#59 Posted by Ben_H (3938 posts) -

Solo then with friends. I don't play with random people usually.

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#60 Edited by jordanado (16 posts) -

Anyone who is interested playing multi and not skipping any cut scene stuff feel free to add me/contact me for a game. Battletag is jordanado#1197

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#61 Posted by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

No real desire to play the game, but a friend is going nuts waiting to play this game so I'm playing it with him because I would never hear the end of it if I didn't. Played the beta and only cared for the Witch Doctor. So I will do co-op with said class/friend and then probably never touch it again.

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#62 Posted by Storphrax (187 posts) -

Solo initially then I'll run with other duders.

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