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#1 Posted by speedracer719 (18 posts) -

I am looking for a good laptop that will cover this game thank you

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#2 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -

That laptop will cover this game

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#3 Posted by raynate2022 (321 posts) -

The laptop doesn't matter, its what's inside that matters :P Laptops are picky with games because it's hard to find one with a discreet GPU that doesn't cost over $1200. Need to know your budget to help you :)

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#4 Posted by floydeo (395 posts) -

It seems like any decent new laptop with a graphics card instead of integrated graphics will run the game well.

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#5 Posted by MisterDunlap (285 posts) -

My laptop only cost me $500, and it can run just about any game that I've tried with it. Admittedly, the settings sometimes have to be rather low, but it'll run at an acceptable frame-rate.

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#6 Posted by BasketSnake (1751 posts) -

Acer Aspire 5551G at max settings, 30fps, low physics. Works just fine.

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