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I just logged on to play for a while and looked at my video options to see why the game looked different at first. I looked at the video options to see that all of them I had set were changed to the lowest settings of each and that all the options for smooth shadows were gone completley. Is this something they removed already from the game? I didn't use the smooth shadows since it seemed to make it run much slower, but it was a bit odd that all the other options were turned down to their lowest settings. This happening to anyone else??

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Ah, nevermind. They came back. Had to dig around the Diablo 3 fourms on Battle.net and found that the game has those options only for cards that can handle them. Aparrently sometimes it doesn't read the card's power or whatever and removes the options!

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It's okay, I forgive both you and the game. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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