What kind of latency is everyone getting?

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#1 Posted by OldManLight (1324 posts) -

There's times where i notice lag for a second or 2, When i check the Latency meter (located on the abilities bar just left of the spirit/mana globe) i notice i'm getting anywhere from 180 ms to sometimes 300 ms. What is everyone else getting?

i'm talking about the vertical bar in the picture below just left of the spirit/mana globe

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#2 Posted by JaredA (853 posts) -

I've been getting around 200-300 ms. Seems kind of high if you ask me. Lag hasn't been too bad, though.

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#3 Posted by Extreme_Popcorn (846 posts) -

Normally around 150-300ms but I get lag spikes of 1000+ now and then.

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#4 Posted by FlipperDesert (2209 posts) -

I average around 200 but lag spikes are frequent, and I've mostly played single-player.

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#5 Edited by CL60 (17117 posts) -

150-300 Never had a lag spike.

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#6 Posted by AndrewB (7815 posts) -

Same as everyone else here. It was around 200 today with moments of severe spiking. That was probably the worst I've ever seen it though, besides obviously when you're getting ∞ms because the servers are down.

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#7 Posted by MrKlorox (11149 posts) -

Oh that's where you see your ping? I'll check next time. I wish there was a netgraph to tell me about my packetloss. I have a feeling that's more important than my ping.

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#8 Posted by ADAMWD (727 posts) -

Always around 200-400, get severe lag spikes every 5 minutes or so. The game is pretty unplayable at this point for me, not sure what to do.

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#9 Posted by Subjugation (4972 posts) -

@Extreme_Popcorn said:

Normally around 150-300ms but I get lag spikes of 1000+ now and then.

Pretty much exactly this.

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#10 Posted by nohthink (1369 posts) -

Mine is horrible... But my apartment gets a terrible internet connection so I can't blame

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#11 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -

Huh, never noticed that bar before. Now I'm curious. Thanks for the tip

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#12 Posted by Xeirus (1695 posts) -

@FlipperDesert said:

I average around 200 but lag spikes are frequent, and I've mostly played single-player.

Well you've played in a solo game, there's no single-player per say :P

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#13 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -

Highest it's gotten is 310. It's been fluctuating between like 205 and 230 most of the time

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#14 Edited by PhantomGardener (555 posts) -

During the day/evning i get around 250-600, somtimes it spikes up to 1000+ But if I play late at night, or super early in the morning its around 60-150. So basically I have to play when most others are sleeping..

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#15 Posted by ajamafalous (13662 posts) -

Anywhere from 50 to 270, though I have had a few times where ping would spike to anywhere form 700 ms to 2700 (yes, 2.7 seconds) for about  a minute. Just went back to town until it stopped. Pretty sure it's a product of my apartment's awful internet than anything else.

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#16 Posted by JoeyRavn (5260 posts) -

Around 150 - 300, but I haven't noticed much actual lag luckily.

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#17 Posted by kindgineer (3090 posts) -

130-150 during non-prime time hours. I shiver to think of what the servers are going to be like this weekend..

Oh, and around 200-300 during peak hours, and usually a crash/kick or two to boot.

-- Makes me a sad panda, but then I realize it gives me a chance to be productive before diving back into it :)

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#18 Edited by Crypt135 (71 posts) -

Lowest I've seen is like ~120 and the highest has been around 500-600. Specific zones seem to affect it quite a bit in my experience.

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#19 Posted by BamSaidTheLady (95 posts) -

Mostly around 300 but lately it's been fucking horrible to play. Plenty of deaths cause 100% by lag.

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#20 Posted by ToastMan (175 posts) -

When I get to play in the mornings, I get 90-150. By the afternoon and evening it more like 250-300.

I don't know how it is with the other classes, but with the Demon Hunter the difference between 100 and 250 is really noticeable. 100 and below, shots fire immediately. When you get to the 200's there is a slight, but very annoying, delay between the key press and the shot. You can clearly see this when using the rapid fire skill. The animation of the character kick in immediately after pressing the button, but the actual arrows fire a moment later. This is a big difference in a game like Diablo, and after experiencing the game at optimal ping, it's really frustrating to play at any higher ping.

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#21 Posted by Asurastrike (2306 posts) -

Early today mine was as high as 2300, but shortly after that Blizzard did rolling server restarts so I'm pretty sure it was on their end.

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#22 Posted by Carnage1290 (156 posts) -

Mine has been fine when I'm just playing D3, but even when playing single player if I'm running a video like a quick look or something on my other monitor I start getting noticeable annoying lag (even when playing single player, that's still really stupid). I can even play WoW with infinite videos on my other screen and not a single hitch. It's really bumming me out. Having lag be a problem when playing a single player game will never not be stupid.

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#23 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3413 posts) -

I'm usually at about 200-300, but today I had some weird spikes to well over 1000, which basically makes the game unplayable.

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#24 Posted by phampire (294 posts) -

300-450 is what i usually average (normal for aussies) though it has been as low as 190-200, but its totally playable, anything over 500 is noticeable.

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#25 Posted by MacEG (283 posts) -

200 on a good day. jumps up to 2500 every so often. Waiting for Blizzard to throw on new servers before venturing forth on any harder difficulties.

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#26 Posted by Talis12 (524 posts) -

my latency was 350 when i checked.. but im in the Netherlands and have a character in the US servers (dont ask me how that came to be, i dont know)

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#27 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -

Sitting at 196 right now. But when I went out of town earlier it kept spiking up to 750+. Anyone know what's up with that? First time this has happened

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#28 Posted by Pocky4Th3Win (155 posts) -

@ADAMWD said:

Always around 200-400, get severe lag spikes every 5 minutes or so. The game is pretty unplayable at this point for me, not sure what to do.

Same, Love the fact I have to worry about ping when playing a SP Game. /rollseyes

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#29 Posted by Driadon (3220 posts) -

Around the 250ms range. Used to get lag spikes that happened whenever I used the firebats ability, but that's been fixed up now.

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#30 Posted by Heylook (243 posts) -

150-200. i usually sit at 60-70 in most games. It's a bit annoying but im lvl 51 and it hasn't bothered me that much

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#31 Posted by laserbolts (5506 posts) -

Today has been the worse it's at about 400 but it's Saturday so alot of people are playing. I wish we didn't have to online to play.

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#32 Posted by Dtat (1749 posts) -

About 100. Frequently lag-out of the game. One time it happened during a boss fight! Hooray! :D

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#33 Posted by SadSack (11 posts) -

Without sounding too insensitive, I'm actually quite relieved to hear everyone has such high pings (150-300), as I live in Qatar and I thought that this latency was to be expected. This gives me hope that these high pings are temporary and after all this post-launch server crap is over, latency should die down for everyone.

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#34 Posted by Neezie (164 posts) -

Around 300-500, with almost constant lag. Yay!

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#35 Posted by Plasticstars (174 posts) -

Usually between 150-300, but it's not really noticeable. There have been a few times where it's skyrocked to the point of being unplayable, but it's usually evened itself out fairly quickly.

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#36 Posted by UitDeToekomst (799 posts) -

I never even noticed that bar until i saw this thread. Now being aware of it, it seems to hover around 200 mostly. I've seen it jump up into the high 400's a few times, but have never noticed any lag in the 12-15 hours that I have put in so far.

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#37 Posted by ShadowSkill11 (1877 posts) -

about 300-400 on the Americas servers... in Kuwait.

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#38 Edited by eloj (643 posts) -

200-300ms, but I did have spikes the other day.

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#39 Posted by Finalwish (36 posts) -

around 230 on day 1. Now its a constant 400-500 ms with 1k spikes. (In Australia)

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#40 Posted by Nicked (259 posts) -

I've probably been around 300, though I don't check it regularly.

Does anyone know how hit detection works with lag? Sometimes I feel like I've run out of range of an enemy attack, but I still take damage. Is this a lag thing, or a mechanic?

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