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    Diablo III

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released May 15, 2012

    Diablo III returns to the world of Sanctuary twenty years after the events of Diablo II with a new generation of heroes that must defeat the demonic threat from Hell.

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    Some changes have been made, but there are still plenty of phatty loots to gain. 0

    I wasn’t able to experience Diablo 1 or 2 back when they were relevant and popular, so my eagerness towards Diablo 3 had been sparked mostly by Torchlight, which helped me realize what I’d missed out on by not playing these granddaddies of the dungeon crawler genre. Upon release however, Diablo 3 seemed (during the first few months to my knowledge) to be incredibly divisive among its player base, being both too familiar and yet too separated from the classic formula that made the pre...

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    A game even Lucifer would be proud of. 0

    Diablo III is finally out! You can now leave the hype train and proceed to play one of the most anticipated games of the year, if not the past few years for PC gamers. There was a lot of concern about some of the particular paths the developers took the series. There’s an auction house that allows you to buy and sell loot for real money, something Blizzard has banned users for doing in the past. They’ve taken out the ability to play offline single player, even removing the guest account you coul...

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    Saving the world one click at a time 1

    It's hard to imagine many other games having as much of an "event" status then when Blizzard decides to announce a game. An impeccable pedigree and an admirable-yet-frustrating love of perfectionism, it's hard to imagine living in a world where Diablo III actually is actually out. It had to come out eventually but the long running jokes about its lengthy development time, delays and Blizzard's tinkering with game mechanics left us excited and just as nervous about the sequel to one of the best a...

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    Review: Diablo III 0

    Twelve years is an awfully long wait for a game, but hardcore PC gamers will tell you there’s no substitute for the feeling that the Diablo franchise provides. The cycle by which Blizzard Entertainment’s loot-based series operates is so concentrated, so irrevocable, that even over a decade later, fans of Diablo II have yet to find an adequate replacement. Enter, Diablo III, the much-anticipated sequel to one of the greatest games of all time. No pressure. Unless, of course, you happened to be an...

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    As great as the predecessor 0

    I bought this game on its very launch in Germany. I always played Diablo on ps in coop mode with friends, and later on Diablo 2 on the PC. Couldn't wait to see this new piece. And the result is brilliant.I haven't had much time to explore the harder levels, but finished normal with most of the classes and its absolutely not demotivating to replay the story in a different Hero. The system has so many new featured but still keeps the classic and easy-flowing schema. graphics are great and adapt g...

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    Blizzard has done an outstanding job in bringing Diablo III to consoles 0

    Diablo III for PC was a huge launch for the platform. I remember being stuck waiting for an hour and 30 minutes just to be able to login to and create my character. The launch was a mess, but even so, once the kinks were ironed out, Diablo III went onto sell over 12 million copies and become one of the most successful games on PC. It only makes sense for Blizzard to capitalise on the Diablo brand and bring it to consoles. People know the name Diablo, and some of the older gamers mig...

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    Not worth the 12 year wait. 0

    Am I wrong for buying this game even though I have never played any prior version? I think so, because my experience thus far has been luke warm at best.First let's get the big one out the way, the online requirement, or DRM as people call it. Is it a problem? Yes.You see, other RPG's like this will store a save file on your computer. This has been standard gaming practice since games could save. But here it's stored in the ever talked about amazing cloud.That's fair enough I suppose but unlike ...

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    The Same Old Formula But Still Extremely Addicting 1

    Back in the day the Diablo series had started a revolution. While you had plenty of in depth role playing games such as Baldurs Gate, Fallout or Planescape Torment - the genre of action RPG’s had not been explored. Ever since that first run into the shadowy cathedrals under Tristram we’ve been clicking away for colored loot drops. Now, years later Diablo 3 is finally out to introduce a whole new generation to the wonders of loot lust. If you have played Diablo 2 and enjoyed it greatly, then you ...

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    Could you at least give me a compelling story? 4

    It seems like it's a developing trend with Blizzard games. Highly polished, sophisticated gameplay and technology. Hackneyed, contrived storytelling. And I've had an internal debate with myself about whether or not I play Diablo for the story or for the gameplay. And after completing Diablo III, I'm definitely leaning toward the former. It's ironic, that as the gameplay becomes more sophisticated, the story becomes increasing mundane and simple, trading suspense and mystery and horror for explos...

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    It's more diablo 0

    I wish I could give this game three ratings - one for the majority of video game players, one for those who liked previous diablo games and one for those who REALLY liked the previous diablo games.This review is for the majority of gamers - you'll like Diablo III. It's a good game, well polished, well executed, with decent content, great mechanics and a decent length. For those who liked Diablo I and II, you'll love this game and I wish I could give it five stars. It's everything you want from a...

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    Great Game 0

    Game can't get much better when it comes to graphics. And storyline is amazing, you just never want to stop playing. With a versatile game play experience one of Blizzard's greatest games yet, it's worth the money to buy, so many class options your time will be swept away when you are play this game. Great game 5 stars!...

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    Diablo III Review 0

    It has been a while since the demon Diablo has been loose upon the world, but finally Blizzard has decided that not only is the demon Diablo making his presence known but so is his brethren. It is now time for what seems to be the final battle to take place. You'll have to take up arms, learn skills, cast spells, and hope that you have what it takes to save all of human kind.Graphically this game is a step up from the previous addition, but that comes as no surprise since Diablo II was released...

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    A Good Upgrade, but Will It Reign? 0

    Download Size: ~8.5 GBHours Played: ~40Highest Act Reached: Act 3 out of 4, Nightmare difficulty (2nd tier)What I'd Pay: $70Current Price (5/22/12): $60So, amidst all the debate and flame wars about the always-online requirement, the real-money auction house, and there being too many and/or not enough changes to the Diablo 2 formula, how does the latest in Blizzard's series of dungeon crawlers & treasure looters stack up? Given how much it cribs from Diablo 2, I've divided the review into 2 ...

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    Relative Diablo 3, A Review from a Former Diablo 2 Addict 0

    I'm not sure that I really want to admit this, but I played way too much Diablo 2. Maybe not the normal kind of too much Diablo 2 either--hundreds of hours, mat/pat every class, major class guide writing, MF javazon /players 8 pindleskin stat running type of too much Diablo 2. One day, I literally stopped playing, pulled out the disk, put it away, and never put it back in, completely tired of the formula. I have followed basically no coverage of Diablo 3 since it was announced.So it was with som...

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    The Beating Heart of Diablo 0

    Here we are 16 years or so after Diablo I was released on the PC on the very last day of 1996. Game design has come a long way and PC capabilities have as well. When Blizzard sat down to make this game, the needed not only to come up with a fresh experience to something old, but also think of the changes needed to update the original gameplay of Diablo to make it a contender with the modern games of today. For the most part, Diablo III turned out to be a great game, but some of the changes that ...

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    Diablo 3 is less of what D2 was, and more of what it wasn't. 0

    It's been twelve years since Diablo 2's release. The innumerable success of Diablo 2 meant that demand would soon follow for a third game in the series. Naturally, expectations were high, and Blizzard had all this time to craft and deliver a game that would not only meet those expectations, but exceed them on all cylinders in today's gaming climate. Diablo 3, in a sense, can be regarded as a successful failure. Following a horrendous launch, the game managed to sell nearly three million copies. ...

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    A junkie's best/worst nightmare 0

    Disclaimer: I played a witch doctor to 22 and a monk to 32 so far, have not finished the game yet(close though).So far i love the game.Visually it looks good, there are some rough edges, especially characters look a bit low poly, but the world looks great, and it has atmosphere. The game is not Diablo1 dark, but it still has that gothic feel to it a lot of the time.Music is absolutely awesome. By this point i would have turned it off in most games to listen to mp3s but im still enjoying it here....

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    Great Game 0

    This game is awesome. The gameplay seems repetitive but never really gets old and endlessness of the game makes it great for a mindless podcast game. One thing I didn't like was playing as a Monk I wasn't really getting weapons for my class. Think I got maybe 10 fist weapons none of which out ranked my current gear ever. Also love Blizzard's cinematics. Would love to see a Diablo CGI movie....

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    The Case of the Restless Redhead 0

    It has come to pass. The Dark Lord and his evil brethren have risen to ensure that in 2012, mankind will perish in the flames of non-productivity. Diablo 3 is finally out and while much is the same there are many things different, but was it all worth the wait. For the uninitiated Diablo 3 is an action RPG where the driving reason to play is coke high simulating never ending loop of click, kill, loot, repeat.ProsecutionI could go on and on about the WoW-ification of the art style, recycling the ...

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    Mixed blessings... 0

    This game is amazing. No question about it, 10/10 on value and fun factor. What I can't in any shape or form make allowance for is the always on DRM for a single player game. I feel conflicted by this proposition, I feel compromised and dirty. Blizzard has a special kind of crack here and I love what it does for me but I hate the rules that they have written as a condition to my enjoying their product. Other companies be warned: Unless you have a title with the anticipation (and follow through) ...

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    If you're a fan, you'll keep being a fan...for sure. 0

    I have both a Mac and a PC...I attempted to install it on my Mac, however, my MacBook Pro is now about 6 years old and the video card/RAM/Processor is quite outdated for the gaming world. So, I installed it on my PC and lowered some of the graphics...AMAZING. I loved Diablo II, while I never played the original Diablo, so I knew that I would have a bias towards liking Diablo III. Though I got it on release day, and suffered through a bad Mac initial install attempt then massive server issues on ...

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    Deception 0

    After so many years, the biggest series of all ( at least to me ) come like this...Level restriction, no stats to customize your char, and so many connection problemsOther minor changes that didnt affected so much was the 4 players per game, its okThe randomize of items and map layouts are still good, but not that greatNo cow lvl is boring, bcz the poneys arent that funny to killwell, a barely good game...

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    Great Game for a new player 0

    I am new to dungeon crawlers and don't have the extensive list of that genre of gaming. I find this game enjoyable and a great introduction to this style of gaming. The tutorial provides a great introduction and the time that can be invested in this game makes it a worthwhile buy. It also provides a large amount of ability to replay it with the distinct classes and random dungeons....

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    Diablo III Review 0

    It has been a while since the demon Diablo has been loose upon the world, but finally Blizzard has decided that not only is the demon Diablo making his presence known but so is his brethren. It is now time for what seems to be the final battle to take place. You'll have to take up arms, learn skills, cast spells, and hope that you have what it takes to save all of human kind.Graphically this game is a step up from the previous addition, but that comes as no surprise since Diablo II was released ...

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    Diablo 3: Worth Skipping 0

    In the world of post-release patches, video games are difficult to judge when they are young and months out of the gate. Let us hope that Blizzard is just another procrastinator.In short Diablo III is a hack and slash game that is far from perfect, but still enjoyable at times. If you crave the loot euphoria from the last installments you can forget about picking this one up for now. If you want a mediocre, resource hungry engine that delivers occasionally entertaining gameplay and a strong less...

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    My Thoughts on Diablo 3 0

    I never played Diablo 1 or 2. Believe me, I tried! I bought the game chest that came with both games and the expansion and tried multiple times to get into it, but this was years after release and all my friends weren’t really interested. It also had some old game mechanics (running back to your corpse, no respec etc) that turned me off of it. When Diablo 3 was first announced, I didn’t really care. Then I started watching some videos and took part in the open beta weekend and that cemented my d...

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    Diablo III Review 0

    Diablo 3 was probably one of the most anticipated games of the modern era, beyond the initial layer of hype is a game that permeates a "more of the same" vibe and caters more to the casual crowd over long-lasting fans of the game.Starting out with the minor elements; the artwork is above average, the environments look good enough for the third-person perspective, the graphics look like they put enough effort in to environmental, character, and spell graphics. The areas are mostly randomized (wit...

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    Dutiful Sequel 0

    I will always remember a time hazed in nostalgia, whereupon I read that Diablo II was the Guinness World Record holder for most users. Or something along those lines. This was in a land in the time before World of Warcraft.Today, we find ourselves in a very different environment, both literally and metaphorically. When a game has been in development for so long, it's not difficult for the direction of its execution to wayward. Diablo III is a game so long in the making it has had almost enough p...

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    I actually found this game.....boring 0

    Let me start this review by saying I'm a huge fan of Diablos 1 & 2 and that I had no problem with the fact that a different Blizzard team were tackling this one. I played the open beta and, while frustrated with the server issues on the first day, I completed it, enjoyed it, and it left me wanting more.I haven't devoured this game like a lot of the community and have only completed it on Normal difficulty with two different classes (WD & Wizard) but I think I've played enough to come to ...

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    , Diablo III is the place to go to live out your looting dreams. 0

    It has been twelve years since Diablo II arrived on PC systems. Hitting in 2000, it was met with critical acclaim from the press, creating legions of gamers into diehard fans who succumbed to its addictive and rewarding gameplay. It was so popular that companies tried to jump on the bandwagon by creating countless copies of the formula, some good and some god damn awful. These games became known as Diablo clones, and clones they were, as they could never quite capture the essence of everything t...

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    The DRM is the only thing holding it back 0

    Before a copy of Diablo 3 showed up at my door, I had never even touched a Diablo game or any dungeon crawler for that matter. My money was always better spent elsewhere, it seemed. I now look back on that mindset with disappointment, because Diablo 3 is really good. Excellent, in fact.Diablo 3 takes place 20 years after the second game’s conclusion. Or so I assume, because the world of Sanctuary is entirely new to me. Don’t worry, new players. You shouldn’t be too lost. Your character is most d...

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