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    Diamond City

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    A settlement in Fallout 4's Commonwealth, formerly the site of Fenway Park.

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    While Fenway Park was once a baseball stadium and one of Boston's most famous sporting grounds, in The Commonwealth it has been restructured and fortified to accommodate homes and one of the most thriving markets in all The Commonwealth. It is one of the safest and most orderly locations in Massachusetts with regular policing a mayor overseeing operations. The city is also known as "The Great Green Jewel" and icons of the old baseball stadium are still visible, such as the "Green Monster" left field wall. While the city was originally governed over by a Mayor McDonough, by the time the player character arrives, the original McDonough has been replaced by a Synth replica working for The Institute. Diamond City is one of the most important staging grounds for Fallout 4's first act.


    All Faiths Chapel

    The All Faiths Chapel is a small church that is run by Pastor Clements. It is the site of the marriage between Miss Edna and Mr Zwicky. If the players sits in the pews here, they will temporarily gain the Quiet Reflection perk, granting a small boost to XP.

    Diamond City Radio

    One of the game's most prominent radio stations, Diamond City Radio provides a continuous loop of licensed music.

    Publick Occurrences

    Named after America's first multi-page newspaper, Publick Occurrences is a news publication written by Diamond City's Piper Wright. The paper posits correctly that Diamond City is at risk from infiltration by The Institute and becomes a source of Wright's public shunning. In response to the paper, the Institute infiltrator impersonating the mayor banishes Wright from the city. Piper's younger sister Nat can frequently be found outside Publick Occurences, distributing the newspaper itself.

    Valentine Detective Agency

    A detective agency run by Synth local Nick Valentine. The office is also staffed by secretary Ellie Perkins.

    Other Buildings

    • Chem-I-Care
    • Colonial Taphouse
    • Commonwealth Weaponry
    • Diamond City Market
    • Diamond City Surplus
    • Dugout Inn
    • Home Plate
    • Power Noodles
    • Schoolhouse
    • Science! Center
    • Swatters

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