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    Diamond Dallas Page

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    DDP is a retired American professional wrestler who appeared in WCW and WWE games.

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    Page Joseph Falkinburg Jr. is a former professional wrestler who worked for several major promotions, including World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. While he is best known for his work as a wrestler, he actually began his career as a manager in the American Wrestling Association. After around a year of this he moved to World Championship Wrestling in 1991.


    Page debuted in WCW as a manager, working with wrestlers like Scott Hall, who was then performing as "The Diamond Studd." At age 35 he finally training to wrestle, an unusally late age to begin an in-ring career. In 1992 he suffered a torn rotator cuff and disappeared until 1994, when he began being accompanied by his wife Kimberly. Page won the World Television Championship in 1995. After the New World Order formed, he began feuding with them, Randy Savage in particular. Within the next few years he was lucky enough to team with both Jay Leno and Karl Malone against the NWO. Seriously, Jay Leno wrestled in WCW. I am not making this up.

    After challenging Bill Goldberg for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in late 1998, he finally won the title in April of 1999. Two weeks later he lost the title to Sting on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro before winning it back that very same night. Page formed an alliance with fellow New Jersey natives Bam Bam Bigelow and Kris Kanyon, calling themselves the Jersey Triad. Eventually the three broke up and Page engaged in random feuds until 2000, when WCW attempted to reboot itself.

    Page soon began feuding with Jeff Jarett over the WCW Title. Eventually he won it, but quickly dropped the belt in a special tag match wherin whoever made the first pinfall would win the Title. It's new owner? None other than actor David Arquette, who was not a trained wrestler. Eventually Arquette turned on Page and the belt went back to Jarett. Eventually he wrestled his last match at the last WCW Pay-Per-View before the company was sold, losing to Scott Steiner.


    Page entered the WWF by stalking the Undertaker's wife. This resulted in him being completely destroyed by the Undertaker, and eventually, defeated in matches by the Undertaker's wife (also not a trained wrestler). He later debuted his new gimmick as a motivational speaker and held the WWF European Championship for a while before retiring from the ring due to injuries.


    DDP briefly returned to the ring in Total Nonstop Action in 2004. In 2005 he would leave the promotion after a feud with Jarett.

    After Wrestling

    Page currently works as a motivational speaker, in addition to promiting his "Yoga for Regular Guys" workout program. In 2005 he sued rapper Jay-Z for the use of his "Damond Cutter" hand gesture, which he had copyrighted. They eventually settled the suit.


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