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A strategy game for the Nintendo DS, developed by Jason Rohrer with music by Tom Bailey.

After being held up in Nintendo's approval process for seven months, the game's title had to be changed to "Jason Rohrer with music by Tom Bailey: Diamond Trust of London" in order to get the final approval for release. The game's cartridge production was then funded via a Kickstarter campaign.


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In Diamond Trust of London players take turns paying agents and sending them to various areas in Angola to smuggle diamonds back to their base of operations. The majority of the game revolves around paying off both your own agents as well as those of your opponents.

At the beginning of each turn both players will make decisions on where to move their agents and how much to bid for the diamonds in a certain region in secret, the turn will then play out and both players will see who outbid the other and who gets the diamonds. The crux of the gameplay comes from bribing opposing agents so that they will reveal certain secrets such as how much the other player is going to bid at a location. This works both ways so players are never sure if any of their own agents have been bribed or not, only by increasing their salary can you get them back on your side.


At specific levels of contribution to the Kickstarter campaign a limited edition was sent. These copies were signed by Jason Rohrer and Tom Bailey and were hand numbered up to 1000. Along with the game a small package was given that contained foreign stamps, coins, and a small diamonds.


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