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    Diamondus is a beautiful grassland planet that is teeming with bees and shimmering gems. Since the arrival of Devan's turtle goons, the planet has become littered with anti-rabbit propaganda.

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    Diamondus is the first planet in the first episode of Jazz Jackrabbit.
    From space, it bears a strong resemblance to our own planet, but upon closer inspection one will learn that this is not the case. The planet's soil is purple instead of brown, and rich on gems and minerals.
    Generally unspoiled, the planet's future has become uncertain after Devan's turtle goons arrived and started harvesting its gemstones.

    Jazz Jackrabbit 2

    Diamondus is also one of three retro stages in Jazz Jackrabbit 2.
    Here, the color scheme is a lot darker. The planet's theme is a remix of that in the original game.

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