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    Diana Allers

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    Diana is a Systems Alliance reporter and a new addition to the Mass Effect franchise.

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    Mass Effect 3

    Diana can be recruited in the Normandy Dock: D24 on the Citadel. Once Shepard speaks to her they'll learn that she is a war correspondent for the Alliance New Network's "Battlespace." Shepard will have the option to either let her aboard the Normandy or deny her entry. If Shepard lets her on the Normandy, she'll live on Engineering floor's starboard cargo bay. She occupies the same space that Zaeed did in Mass Effect 2.

    Allers is a War Effort as long as she is still in the Normandy. Her value as a War Effort is 5 points. The player can still ask her to leave the Normandy, but that will lose 5 War Effort points.

    Throughout the game, she'll request interviews with Shepard in his/her cabin. If the player chooses the more flirtatious dialogue choices, either gender of Shepard will then have the option to have sex with her, or at least what is implied to be sex, as there is no sex scene with Diana like with the rest of the romantic options. Though Allers won't count as a narrative love interest and is instead portrayed as a 'quick fling'. If Shepard is also currently in a romantic relationship with another character, Shepard's partner will not confront the player for cheating, unlike if it was with any other character.

    She is voiced by Jessica Chobot.


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