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 Diatomic is an arcade shooter exclusive to WiiWare and plays similar to Geometry Wars and flOw. The player controls a "diatomic protagonist" equipped with various weapons to use to defend their petri dish. The player must destroy various different enemies with the help of the randomly spawning power-ups to keep them out whilst building up bonuses and multipliers to rank higher on the leaderboards.


  • - Relentless physical arcade action with vibrant graphics.
  • - Decide your own strategy, play offensive or defensive, and score accordingly.
    Defend your petri dish!
    Defend your petri dish!
  • - Discover specialized enemy specific multipliers, combo's and bonuses.
  • - Engage 9 different enemies, each with their distinct strategies in over 65 Waves.
  • - Easy to learn, hard to master.
  • - Unlock different game play modes during campaign (Spinball, Time Trial and Endurance)
  • - Play alone or ask a friend to join-in at any time with cooperative play mode.


 In total there are seven different types of enemies which the player must destroy. All enemies have their own unique combo moves apart from the DIalbouros.
  • Drones
    The various enemies.
    The various enemies.
  • Diadormata
  • Diamorpha
  • Diacouda
  • Diacrotermes (Pregnant Mary)
  • Diacroto
  • Dialbouros (Spawner)

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