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    Dick Grayson

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    Richard "Dick" Grayson was the first Robin to work with Batman. After striking out on his own, Dick eventually adopted the identity of Nightwing.

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    Born to a family of acrobats, Dick Grayson lived an exciting childhood while growing up in Haly's Circus. His parents were John and Mary Grayson, and as a family, they formed "The Flying Grayson's," famed trapeze artists and acrobats.

    These happy times would soon take a turn for the worst, as the mafia had begun targeting the Haly's Circus for protection money. At eight years old, Dick witnessed mob boss Anthony Zucco threaten the circus owner, demanding insurance for the safety of his performers. The owner vehemently refused the extortion and Zucco decided to use the headlining act as an example. Zucco snuck back stage and cut the ropes of the trapeze. Dick saw this and tried to warn his parents but it was too late. Young Dick watched helplessly as the rope snapped sending his beloved parents plummeting to their deaths.

    As the Graysons plummeted to earth, hundreds of spectators watched in horror. Among them was millionaire Bruce Wayne. Feeling empathy towards the boy's loss, Bruce decided to take the boy in as his legal ward.

    It was only a matter of time before Dick realized what his mentor was doing all those late nights, and eventually chose the same life as well. It was decided that with the boy's extensive training in acrobatics and his sense of justice, he had just what was needed to become the Batman's partner. After rigorous training from Bruce, Robin, the Boy Wonder, was christened.


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