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DS Version is Impressive!

Gameplay I played this game on the N64 the game came out in 1998 and now 7 years later this game comes back but on the ds and the game looks the same but there's some changes so that people can buy it. But the gameplay is good you select a character you have to win all the races and then beat a boss and then play the same races with balloon touch challenge. Now the balloon touch challenge is the part in the game that changes the game a bit but you dont drive any car you jsut have to touch as more balloons as possible. There's about 50 maps all the maps from the n64 version are in the game but there's some new maps that they created.

What i dont like of the game is that the game on the N64 you can play the battle tracks ex: Icycle pyramid, Smokey Castle.... In the map selection menu. But on the ds you cant you can only play it On WI-FI or on multi-player when your playing with your friend. But overall its good. You have allot of unlockable's to unlock you can change the sound of when you're shotting a rocket you go to the menu and you to personal settings and yo u can create your own sound with the microphone on your nintendo ds. You can unlock lots and lots of unlockables for the game.

Graphics The graphics changed allot i like the way where you can play and see everything well the tracks the character you can even see the tree's far away the track i think it changed allot.

Sound The Sound is good the music is the same exept for jungle falls the music is different for that map. Either way the sound is a little better then the N64 version.

This game is worth the money and worth playing some one that asn't played it on the n64 wont like it more to play it on the ds so if you never played this game i reccomend you to check this game out.

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